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Added: Arlin Bisbee - Date: R ight from the start, there is lots of missing information that could help a detective connect the dots. We are getting it years later. Is the suspect dead? We have no knowledge of that. Those cold cases you see on television?

Complete fiction. We are digging every day. These cases, for the most part, become cold as a result of missing persons cases. Someone reports a loved one missing. Police fill out reports, gather evidence, then try to decide if that person is missing by accident, missing on purpose, or lying dead in some remote area as an undiscovered homicide victim. Detectives know instinctively that the majority of these cold case homicides are a result of crimes of passion, and, in some cases, happened because a burglary or drug deal took a turn for the worse.

He worked patrol for the first five years he came to the Prince William police force inthen moved into the violent crimes division handling shootings, stabbings, murders and rapes before being ased cold cases two years ago.

It may not make sense to us. But for them, at that moment, it made sense to them. Being a cold case detective is a tough profession, staffed by trained investigators who have to be patient and believe in every lead and follow it no matter where it looks to be going, because they know going into a case they are not going to get a success every day, or even every year.

Then, over the years, witnesses, perpetrators and family members get old and die off. Many le end up going nowhere. Those dead ends can be the toughest part of the job, Coady says. He recalled a case where he thought he had his guy. And that is a sad time. Every year I dread getting that phone call because [she] want[s] to hear new information. W hatever happened to year old Cynthia Joan Gastelle is one of those whodunit cases Coady is handling.

She was reported missing to the Takoma Park police in Maryland by her family on April 3, There Sabine West Virginia black man seeks good woman no evidence of the perpetrator in that case, though they do have a picture of a former boyfriend who they consider a person of interest. On Sunday, August 4,her body was recovered in Fauquier County. If you know anything about this cold case, call the Alexandria Criminal Investigations Section, Sparky Faulknermids, was a house painter who dabbled in selling drugs. On September 6,Faulkner answered a knock on his door and was shot multiple times, falling back into the house.

Investigators had a couple of witnesses that heard a car with a loud exhaust drive off. Investigators believe that this was not a random killing, but may have been a retaliation murder that had something to do with drugs. If you have any information about this case, call the Loudoun Crime Solvers at or Erica Heather Smith14, disappeared on July 29, Her body was found eleven days later in a grave along the Broad Run Creek near an old pump house. In the summer ofpolice linked a suspect to the crime. Unfortunately, the suspect in that case committed suicide without confessing.

That was very difficult for everyone involved. She was reported to be going to visit a friend at Maple Branch Road. Her skeletal remains were found on October 10, at Rippon Lodge Estate. There was no forced entry to the home and no obvious s of a struggle. If you have any information about this case, call the Arlington County Police Department tip line at or Crime Solvers at On August 14,John Herse age not listed and his wife were walking back to their hotel from the Orleans House Restaurant in Rosslyn when three men approached them from behind and pushed Herse to the ground.

When Herse rose from the ground, one of the suspects shot him. The suspects are described as three black males. The first was in his 20s, 5-feetinches- to 5-feetinches-tall with a slim build. He was wearing a black hat, glasses Sabine West Virginia black man seeks good woman or lightly colored sunglassesa dark jacket possibly leather, but not cloth and a white t-shirt. The second suspect was also approximately 5-feetinches- to 5-feetinches-tall and slender, with a plaid coat. A detailed description is not available for the third suspect.

Darnell Brownyear-old Maryland resident was shot on September 22, At am, police were called to the block of North Columbus Street in Alexandria for a man bleeding in the street. Upon arrival, officers found the victim lying in front of North Columbus Street suffering from a gunshot wound. Curtis Fitzgerald Kingyear-old. Upon arrival, officers found the victim lying in a parking lot of the Edlandria apartment complex suffering from several gunshot wounds.

Charles William Monroe was reported missing on May 8,after a fire destroyed his apartment inside a barn located at Edgewood Farm Lane in Purcellville. Investigators searched extensively, but were unable to locate any human remains in the fire. He is described as a white male, 6-foot-3 inches, thin build, with blue eyes and brown hair. He was 35 years old at the time of his disappearance. Her body was found in the trailer along with two other women Sharon Inboden Lake, 25, and Deborah Werner Frank, 23 at p. All three were shot execution-style. A more recent case being handled by the Prince William cold case unita missing person case fromis even more mysterious.

It was March 22 of that year when year-old Shane Donahue of Nokesville disappeared. But there is no body, no nothing. Just poof … gone. When detectives have nothing to go on, there is always the shining light in the darkness in the form of DNA technology that continues to evolve. Amy Jeanguenat, vice president and director of lab operations for one of the largest DNA labs in the country, Bode Technology in Lorton, says she gets calls every five years or so from cold case detectives. Jeanguenat is the daughter of a biology teacher. R ape may have been involved, according to Loudoun County law enforcement officials close to the case, where the skeletal remains of year-old Charlotte Powell were found on a hiking trail near the gas and power lines off of Shreve Mill Road on December 8, Her clothes had been removed, and her body was in a position indicating there may have been a rape involved, officials say.

Powell, described by her family as a free spirit who would disappear for weeks hitchhiking around the eastern mid-Atlantic seaboard, was last seen alive in July The family filed a missing persons report about their daughter with the Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania police department. Biological fluids like sperm and sweat and saliva are the best ways of identifying a perpetrator in the case of rape. But with nothing but bits of clothing and skeletal remains, as in the Powell case, the hope of getting a good biological fluid sample had been a lost cause.

That is changing, Jeanguenat says. But when items are out in the elements and are exposed to humidity and get wet, with sunlight coming down on them, it becomes more difficult to obtain DNA from those samples. She says that soon they will have the ability to do a DNA profile on a single sperm cell resulting in some sort of investigative lead. But maybe in the next five years our technology is going to improve to where we would be able to get some type of investigative lead based on just one sperm cell.

A nother Loudoun County cold case is that of year-old Veronica Hepworth. Her partially clothed body was found Sabine West Virginia black man seeks good woman a passerby alongside a driveway in Loudoun County on February 25, She was last seen at a. Witnesses say a red pickup truck was seen near the farm where her body was left. Investigators interviewed the owner of the bar and the bands that were playing at the bar at the time of her disappearance, even going to North Carolina to try and find one of the bouncers at the bar.

He was already dead, and that lead evaporated. Eventually they identified a boyfriend, but that turned out to be another dead end. They are pursuing another boyfriend that they believe she dated for about three weeks before they broke up. According to law enforcement officials close to the case, he may have been the last person to see her alive, but he is not a suspect at this time. Canham and his partner, Detective Schochet, both came from major metropolitan police departments to their jobs as cold case detectives—Schochet from Nassau County, New York, where he worked for 28 years, and Canham from the D.

Their instincts about people and their motives are well-honed. Y et another of the 12 cold cases in Loudoun County is the shooting death of Ursula Haberland on August 23, Haberland was a widow who lived by herself on Greengarden Road in Upperville, at the end of a long driveway where the house was hidden by brush overgrowth at that time of the year because everything was in full bloom.

But there are no suspects yet. It was just such an unfortunate end to a beautiful life. She had given so much to so many. And then to have somebody come and steal her away from us. That is the thought that has crossed my mind. And I just want to ask that person why on earth did you do that to an old lady?

O ne cold case in Alexandria led to the indictment of a suspect in a series of two other more recent murders that had the city locked down in the fears that there was a serial killer on. Ten years later, Ronald Kirby, transportation director for the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, was also shot and killed in his home on November Just a few months later, on February 6,Ruthanne Lodato was killed in her home, shot as she answered a knock on the door in the same manner Sabine West Virginia black man seeks good woman the Dunning and Kirby murders.

Investigators believe that all three murders occurred around 11 a. Ballistics reports from the bullets used in all three cases proved they all came from the same small-caliber gun. As those facts developed, Charles Severance, an Ashburn resident who ran for mayor of Alexandria twice and Congress once, became a person of interest to the Alexandria police as a result of a citizen tip. He matched the description of the eye witness and the police sketch, and he had had some run-ins with police. He was arrested on gun charges stemming Sabine West Virginia black man seeks good woman a Loudoun County incident on May 5,then extradited to Alexandria where he was arraigned on that gun charge.

On September 8, he was charged with all three murders. Police discovered his body there, where he had been stabbed in the head, and money was missing from the restaurant. A witness saw the killer running from the restaurant with a bag, and get into a car with D.

Police released a sketch of the suspect, but have not been able to solve the crime. As with many cold cases, aging family members struggling with the loss are also nearing the end of their lives without the resolution they need about what happened, and why. The sad truth is that his mother may never get the resolution she is seeking. She is running out of time. Peter remembers when detectives had a sketch of the suspect—described as a medium-build black man between 5-feet-9 and 5-feetinches, in his late 20s with a moustache and a goatee—and thought the case would be solved quickly.

She indicated it was another suspect—a smaller Caucasian guy who lived in Virginia at the time of the murder—who was already incarcerated in Seminole County in Florida. I thought what would I do if I was face to face with him. The two Swift brothers were very close, which makes the pain of his murder harder to live with. His brother Sam was two years older than he was, was his best friend growing up and his biggest fan when he played sports in high school.

He had been a victim before, robbed when he was working for Family Dollar store in Dallas. During that robbery, he was hit on the head by a gun near his car as he was going to make a bank deposit. This time, this robbery was different.

Sabine West Virginia black man seeks good woman

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