Rush force ten

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Lyrics submitted by MasterDuncan Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. Log in. Lyrics Artists add. Force Ten Rush 15 Comments 0 Tags. Force Ten song meanings. Add Your Thoughts 15 Comments. General Comment Hopeful - full of hope for the future. Driving -upbeat "rhythms of the night". Introspective - about one's place in the universe - and all the possiblities life has to offer us.

One of Rush's best. Thank you Alex, Geddy, and Neil. No Replies Log in to reply. There was an error. General Comment The song is definitely one of the best as my Fantasy Football team. To me it's about dominance and just looking the storm in the eye and taking the bull by the horns. Look the storm hurricane in the eye. Get it done you know. Win the game. I wish other people would have made more of an effort to interpret this song.

It appears nobody above really has. I appreciate any future posts. Have a great day. General Comment I think it's about all the different ways we live and express ourselves. There's no wrong way, so long as you are facing your fears and tackling them, and experiencing life. Since there is no backing down from the inevitable storm ahead, deal with it as best as you can and come out stronger on the other side.

General Comment This might be just my interpretation, but I think it's about how we move rapidly through our lives, and all the intensity of our encounters with people and the world. With the chorus, i think it is intentionally slowed down.

It asks us to be more introspective and observant, and take our time to appreciate things. Whenever the chorus plays, i feel like i'm standing in the eye of a hurricane, "looking around" at the temporary stillness, at all the chaos outwith. And I think that since Neil Peart tends to have similar themes during an album, this one is about time, and taking the time to appreciate the stillness. Force Ten and Time Stand Still demonstrate this. Very good analysis. The album has an overall theme of peace and stability - "rising and falling like empires" contrasts that.

General Comment My. Johnturboleitch on October 27, Link. General Comment i cant belivie no one has yet said anything about this song. General Comment I think this song is just about life in general and the hundreds of emotions we get subdivided on October 06, Link. Especially on the 2nd lasty verse with Alex's guitar. General Comment This song is very mysterious sounding. I love it! And does someone know what Geddy is saying just before the instrumental part stars? I know the first word is "Rising.

Rising, falling, at Force 10 We twist the world and ride the wind yofrank on January 22, Artists - R. Force Ten is found on the album Chronicles. A Show of Hands Retrospective, Vol. Rate These Lyrics. We do not have any tags for Force Ten lyrics. Why not add your own? Log in to add a tag. More Rush Lyrics. SongMeanings is a place for discussion and discovery. User does not exist. Incorrect Password. Remember Me. Now!

Rush force ten

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Rush - Force Ten Lyrics