Releive some indian women

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A discussion on Quora seems to have made many men in the country vocal about the skewed participation of men and women in household chores. This piece of rhetoric appeared on Quora and its author wondered whether he would be "downvoted and collapsed". It was the opposite — at the time of writing this, Gopalkrishna Vishwanath's he describes himself as 'never dated anyone but happily married' post has 94, views and 10, upvotes.

But Vishwanath's post is just one of the recent barrage of replies to a question that set Quora — a desi go-to for life, the universe and everything — on fire. The original question was posted anonymously by a man who wondered whether there was anything wrong with him telling his future wife that he has no intention of contributing to household duties because he earns five times as much as her 20 lakhs as opposed to a measly 4. The discussion has gone viral with almost 1 lakh views and over answers, all of which take on the idea of labour in the house, why it always falls to women, and how the irrelevant caveat about his wife going to work because she would find staying at home tedious, has little to the fact that housework should be shared.

Unusually, much of the flak being directed at the user who posted the question is coming from Indian men. And things tend to snowball out of control much quicker when there are children involved. A recent comic by a French artist, who goes by the moniker Emma, about household labour being done by women provoked discussions about the subject too. In resettlement colonies in Delhi for instance, as this article in The Wire revealed , one of the reasons girls are still expected to drop out of schools is to share the domestic duties with the parents.

Even so, data from the National Sample Survey Office suggested that over 60 percent of adult women in the country are engaged in unpaid household labour and a majority of these women said it was because no other member of the family helped with the chores. The data on how much time Indian men spend on domestic chores is sparse, but this OECD survey from three years ago suggested that the average was only 19 minutes a day while women spent up to minutes.

A McKinsey study from last year said the ratio was closer to Under the new scheme, women will get connected with state banks, get loans at cheaper interest rates and be able to avail benefits of state subsidies under PM Mudra Yojana for three months. Firstpost Conversations 9 Months S. Home India News. Representational image. Indi marriage kills over 60 girls a day globally; six girls daily in South Asia, says 'Save The Children' report.

Releive some indian women

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