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Needless to say, there were a lot of questions about how to handle these dating and relationship situations in such an unprecedented time. Maybe it makes you feel a little bit less alone, or maybe it even helps you to see your situation in a totally new light. Whether they were seeking a casual situation or something more serious, lots of guys wanted pointers on how to meet new people during the pandemic. Luckily, lots of dating apps added new voice and video features, and singles fully embraced Zoom and FaceTime in order to make more meaningful connections while staying home.

Needless to say, lots of guys were curious about the protocol for bringing a professional relationship to another level. The consensus? A workplace romance can totally work, but you need to set some ground rules and expectations first. Finding out that your partner has been unfaithful is nothing short of devastating. In order to find better ways to cope with the pain, many men took to Reddit forums asking for tips and tricks that might enable them to move on. Plenty of people were left scratching their he about how to heal after their relationship ended.

While some users wanted actionable tips on how to stop thinking about their ex, many were just curious about when they can expect to finally move forward with their lives. Some guys said it took them two years to get over their partner, with others noting it took years. But on average, most claim to move on within two to six months. In , your go-to place for a first date might have been drinks at a bar or appetizers at a restaurant. That explains why so many guys sought out virtual date ideas that could allow them to get to know someone from the comfort and safety of home.

Users agree that the best way to cope with jealousy is to keep an open line of communication with your partner rather than trying to hide or suppress it, focusing on building up your self-worth and self-esteem while setting clear boundaries. Read this: Is Jealousy Healthy in a Relationship?

And how do you deal when one partner expects more texts throughout the day than the other? Unsurprisingly, the frequency ranged quite a bit from texting once a day to checking in multiple times. However, men noted that this changed when they started working from home right alongside their ificant others and were able to talk more in person thus translating to less texting. Being stuck in the friend zone is an all-too-common conundrum. Fortunately, many men have managed to break free and find happiness on the other side. Search AskMen Search. Messages You have no messages.

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Reddit dating 101

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