Recent arrests in scranton pa

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Lackawanna County Prison is located in Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania and is the main jail for that region. Looking for someone locked up in Lackawanna County Prison? This gives you information about anything you might want to know about Lackawanna County Prison,such as: Find an inmate at Lackawanna County Prison. How to view Lackawanna County Prison mugshots. Bailing out of jail. Lackawanna County Prison intake procedures. Court records. And lots more. The prospect of getting arrested and going to jail is a scary and daunting situation, not only for the person who goes to jail, but also their friends and family.

The goal of this guide is to give information that you need to make helping someone get out of jail a little less stressful. If you have specific questions, please feel free to ask it in the comment section below, and please leave any tips or comments that would be a benefit to others will be welcome. In order to search who is in jail at Lackawanna County Prison you will need to navigate to their link and do an inmate search. The Lackawanna County Prison Inmate Lookup is an online list of people who have been arrested and are in jail, which includes custody status, how much their bail is, and schedule for visitation.

Also, you are able to get the same information for anybody arrested and processed or released in the past hour period. Jail inmates are listed alphabetically by their last name. If the inmate you are looking for may be in a different jail you should check our Pennsylvania county jail guide: Pennsylvania County Jails. A mugshot, also called a jail booking photograph, is the picture that the police take when you are processed at the jail intake. They will take one face photo and a profile picture.

Mugshots of people who have been arrested are on the website, or you can view them at the Lackawanna County Prison. Want to have your mugshot removed from the Lackawanna County Prison website? This is difficult, as the mugshot is public record. To get your mugshot removed you must file a Petition to Expunge with the court. What this means is that your arrest record would be sealed, and will not be accessible. Unfortunately, this happens very rarely. For a more in-depth article about getting your mugshot taken down, the various mugshot websites, and the mugshot removal websites: How To Get Your Mugshot Taken Down.

If you are locked up, your primary thought is when and how to get out. If you are released you must agree to be in court on your court date, and until that day you are not permitted to leave town. If you follow the rules, you might be allowed to do work release.

You will be required to stay jail each day after work, or you may have the chance to move to a halfway house instead of jail. Your bail is how much money that you will be required to pay in order to be released from jail until you go to court. Your bail amount all depends on the crime you are charged with. Someone will have to put up ten percent of the total that was set so you can get discharged from jail. If you fail to show up for your scheduled court date, whoever paid your bail will not get their money back. To find out how much bail money you will need to bail someone out of jail need to call the jail.

You can also find out how much their bail is on the Lackawanna County Prison website. Having to get someone out of jail is an unpleasant situation, but usually, it is very simple to do. Cash only — the jail will not accept a check. This money is non-refundable and must be paid in cash. If their bail has been set particularly high, the bondsman will in these cases ask to use assets as collateral in addition to the fee they charge. To find a bail bondsman go to: Find a bail bondsman. Have you ever hired a bondsman because you or someone you know got arrested?

If so, please share your experience in a comment below, and let us know how it worked out for you. Have you ever been booked into jail? If you have, you should share your experience so others can benefit from your story. How long did you have to wait? What was your treatment like? Can you share any tips that might help others make it through the process?

When you pay your bail, you will get released from jail. Getting discharged takes anywhere from 30 minutes to quite a few hours. In simple terms, the faster you can pay your bail, the faster you will get let go. For minor offenses, you will simply be booked and get released without having to post bail.

When you get to the end of your sentence and are given a release date, expect to get discharged anywhere between the hours of 9am and 12pm. In the event there is a, or if you must begin your sentence in jail, it is highly recommended that you do the right thing and go down to the jail and turn yourself in. If you have a warrant, go to the jail reception area, and let them know that you think they might have a warrant for your arrest. They will do a check to find out if there is an arrest warrant for you, and if they find one, you will be taken into custody.

When reporting to serve a sentence, go down to the jail at the time and date that the sentence order requires you to. Inmates must give the name and date of birth of each visitor to the jail in advance of any visit. This information will go into the visitation log for the inmate. Each visitor will be required to provide identification. Any visitors showing up late or any visitors that are not approved to visit will be turned away. Visitation procedures change often, so you should double-check the official jail site before you go to the jail to visit. All phone calls from jail are made through a jail approved pre-paid phone or phone card.

Jail phone calls are a lot more expensive than phone calls made outside of jail. Phone calls are restricted on when you can make phone calls, how long you can talk, and how often you can make calls, but inmates must keep in mind that you are just one of many people who want to talk to their loved ones. If you break the rules and are disciplined, phone calls could be reduced or eliminated altogether. Any mail that you send to an inmate must be sent via the US Postal Service.

You must not use any other form of delivery. Any mail will be opened and read and inspected by the staff, and the mail will be sent back if the jail decides it is inappropriate. The Lackawanna County Prison inmate mail policy is always changing, so be sure to visit the the Lackawanna County Prison website before send a letter to someone in jail there. When you get arrested, you still have certain rights, one of these being the right to request an attorney. Remember that you may be limited to the amount of phone calls you can make, so you would be wise to get a friend or family member to locate an attorney when you talk to them.

The faster you get a lawyer involved with your charges, the better your chances. For more detailed information on this, click: Find a Lawyer. You will be reassured to know that Public Defenders are d attorneys, members of the State Bar and are d to handle your case. Have you or someone you know had to use a Public Defender or court appointed attorney? How did they do? Lackawanna County court records are public record and are available upon request to anyone who requests them — not just the person who they pertain to.

Court records include a court case file containing a docket sheet and each of the motions, documents, and evidence that have been filed in your case. You have the ability to access your court records using the Lackawanna County website, or by going to the Lackawanna County Clerk of Court. A Clerk of Court is a member of the court who maintains court records.

All records and documents from your court case are held at the Lackawanna County Clerk of Court. Court fees and costs are the fees and charges from your case, which include filing fees, motion and claim fees, and court charges. If you are low income and have been ased a Public Defender, you may get out of having to pay them. A Magistrate is the type of judge that will preside over your case in court. Magistrate judges do a of different things, like setting bail, issuing warrants, and acting as the presiding judge over first court appearances and detention hearings. Information, details, and character witnesses will be solicited from the person on trial, his or her family, and in some circumstances the victim.

Keep in mind you are allowed to ask to get a copy of your pre-sentencing report before you are sentenced, and go over it and correct any mistakes in it. When you are convicted of a crime, you will then get sentenced. The judge will have several different options when sentencing you, ranging from community service, house arrest, and probation, to incarceration in jail or prison.

Depending on the particulars of your trial, the severity of your crime, and any sentencing guidelines that they judge will use, you might get taken into custody, right there in court, or you might be given a date to report to jail to do your time. If you think you might have an outstanding warrant, you can find out by checking the arrest warrants inquiry on the website or call the court. This requires a first and last name. Or, you can just go the jail in person and inquire at the information desk.

You should be clear that if there is a warrant for your arrest, you should be prepared to get taken into custody immediately. If you have a first and last name, as well as their arrest date, contact the Lackawanna County jail, either by phone, in person, or look online. Records of arrests are public record and these records are available to anyone.

Civil processes are when someone has been served with papers, which can be warrants. All people registered as sex offenders have to be registered and listed on the sex offender databases required by the area they live in. The people listed on these databases have been tried by jury and convicted in a court of law of a sex offense. You can access sex offenders on the internet, but remember that you will not be able to see the street address, but rather the block that they live on. Court Records are public records and available to anyone.

They include a case file that contains a docket and any of the documents and filings filed in your court case. These online databases are linked together and you can track criminal histories from any other state. You can go to the courthouse and check in person or you can check online. It is helpful to know the county the crime was committed in, and in the event that the crime was in a different state, you may have to pay a fee for a more complete search.

But, when you do a criminal records check, in most cases will not find out if that person has had any moving violations, like:. Have you ever searched for criminal records? How hard was it? Did you search online or did you call the courthouse? Did you get information that was correct? There are many reasons that people search for criminal backgrounds and records, and your story could make it easier for others.

Speak Your Mind. Just the thought of spending time in Lackawanna County Prison is no fun, eventually you will settle into the daily routine there. Then you will get breakfast. When you finish breakfast you will have to work in the work program or other activity that you are ased. This could be working in the kitchen, laundry, or some sort of manufacturing job. While this may seem tedious, it may help you when you leave jail, as you are gaining experience in a certain field of work.

Other inmates go to school, while some take part in mandated treatment programs. After lunch, there will be another roll call, then back to work. Your evening will be spent either in your cell or a common room. During this time dinner is served and you will be expected to take a shower. Even though you will be confined to your cell, there may be enough light to read or write letters. Then again, most inmates welcome lights out, and try to get as much sleep as they can. If you have spent any time in Lackawanna County Prison, your experiences would be welcomed, if it can help another person to deal with it.

When incarcerated, all inmates are expected to wear the Lackawanna County Prison uniform. This is normally a jumpsuit or scrubs. Of note to anyone visiting an inmate — you must be properly dressed. Any clothing considered inappropriate will not be permitted.

Recent arrests in scranton pa

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