Raleigh erotic massage

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The closest I seen are Durham and Fayetteville. Yesterday I've done the same research too over the past few weeks, just driving around and looking for s they're open. Osaka Spa. I couldn't tell if this one was open or not. Is this Lee's Nails or whatever it is? There was no age for Osaka, and I didn't get close to the entrance. Relaxation on buck jones is definitely open. Saw a fellow monger walk in. I had no idea it's the door you can't see from the road, so I was surprised when this guy was walking in and giving me the manson lamps as he went. You're right, is definitely closed.

Green Apple is definitely open, but man that whole area is busy all the time. Green Apple might be too much of a risk for me with all the activity going on. Also went by Pure Spa. I didn't know this one was here, but it looks like it's closed and I later on took at look at JJ's and the list shows it being closed as well. The one lady who has been there since they opened has been working alone for the past few months. The new lady was a nice change and the other lady took a vacation. I'm guessing but maybe the new lady bailed and they are having personnel issues.

What does the say? Apple Couldn't get into Buck Jones once again which is where I prefer. Got told yeah come on in. Well go figure Monica is not available and got like a something year old. It wasnt exactly thrilling but hey what can you do. Its always a crap shoot in the AMP scene anyway. Posts: 6. Sad state agreed. Sad, sad state of affairs here in the triangle. Osaka spa on rock quarry is indeed open. I told her it was too much and I walked out. I tried to call relaxation on buck jones and a guy answered. I asked how much for 1 hr massage.

He said to hold on a minute. A few moments later he hung up on me. Stopped at Green apple on chatham. Saw another monger walk in and walk back out a moment later. I decided to bail -- already knowing what awaited me inside.

Drove past on my way home just for shits and giggles. Definitely closed. So sad that an area as big as the triangle has such shit options for a massage and HE. Yea I went about a month ago and it was new lady in there and she very nice. Not ugly. Flip me over and took care of my 3rd leg.

Was going to go until I saw the . Wonder what happened. The Asian section seem kinda dead compare to here, so I'll post my question here as well: So I started going to Asian escort last week, which took me to the Dominion location: Age 40, Size C, no English, paid , very enjoyable. Yesterday took me to the Miami location: Age 40, size B, basic English, missing one front tooth, paid , had attitude but I think she was either tired or in pain to the point she only wanted to do HJ for most of it, I ended it early, she apologized for the attitude and even gave me back Today I called 7 different s because I know locations post multiple times and wanted to increase my chance for a different girl from the last 2.

In the end, 5 kept sending me to Miami while other 2 send me to Dominion, so I chose Dominion since I had a good time and thought maybe different girl but it was the same one from last week. My question is are there currently only 2 location? If there's more how do I know which to call as different s still lead to same location? When do the same location usually get new girls? Also I would love to try a mature women like 50 even 60, how do I find them? Thanks in advance. With of provider options going down, I'm wondering how the ones still in business are keeping up.

Quality dropping? This hobby is in danger. Check out what Texas just passed. Are there anymore new selection of girls?? Garbage Sad, sad state of affairs here in the triangle. Marja on RR Hey Gents. Was thinking of scheduling an appt with this one but haven't been able to find reviews or any other info to verify she's legit. Her verification process and raise some red flag, but at the same time she's hot as hell. Wanted to see if any of you can verify that she's legit and delivers as promised. Thanks in advance for your help.

Posts: 8. For those that couldn't decipher this post it was about Reflexology in Goldsboro which is now permanently closed according to the on their front door. Anyone remember reports of vans hanging outside spas, I think it was knight dale, maybe Cary? Well one place has a lemonade stand and that shit ain't never open for a drink. Nobody squeezing nothing there! Why put in this temporary looking building outside a spa if you ain't going to replenish my fluids afterwards? Other lady is back at this lemonade spa.

They were unable to accept walk in traffic. In other words, no fluids in or out this visit. Last Jump to :. All times are GMT The time now is All rights reserved. There may be a few mongers who are well established with a particular masseuse at a particular location, but there are not any places in Raleigh that are considered FS.

Raleigh erotic massage

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