R austin and ally dating in real life

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The two were the ultimate musical duo, and when the show came to an end in , fans were predictably disappointed. The show may be long over, but given their long-standing history, it would be so sweet if Ross Lynch and Laura Marano were still friends today. Thankfully, the s point that way. Lynch and Marano have always shared a special relationship albeit, not a romantic one — sorry Raura shippers. In fact, one time, Lynch even admitted he felt like he was practically married to his co-star. That happens a lot on set. We're really friendly, help each other out, and have each other's backs on set.

Marano felt similarly, and has admitted she and Lynch got along so fabulously, she understood why fans pushed for them to date through the years. I love that they love Austin and Ally so much that they see it in real life as well!

Just look at all the times they've made a point to link up over the years. The two stars surprised Marano with massive gold balloons and a decadent cake, proving how tight they still were with Marano. Of course, the reunion was documented with an epic photo of all three actors.

Take notes guys, this had friendship goals written all over it. Ever the supporter, Marano revealed how Lynch showed up to one of her concerts , and she thought it was "so awesome" of him. So it such an exciting night for me, but also, again, a little scary. The pair shared a fun-loving memory from the show with fans, when Lynch videotaped Marano jamming out and shared it on his Instagram story. Friends that get silly together stay together, y'all. Most recently, Marano took a walk down memory lane to celebrate Halloween. The two stars have made a point to keep in touch in order to celebrate each other's successes, milestones, and special occasions.

So, while Raura never got romantic like their TV counterparts, at least their friendship has stood the test of time. By Brandy Robidoux. Search Close.

R austin and ally dating in real life

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