Puppy pit bulls for sale

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Luna the lb XL Pitbull has proven herself with multiple litters that produced some of the best Champagne pups available. Her pups have unmatched temperaments and are full of nothing but love. This will go down as one of the most memorable XXL Breedings of ! These dogs will have incredible temperament , amazing size , and beautiful colors we definitely hit a home run with this one! All backed by the highest quality pedigrees you can ask for in a true XXL puppy.

These puppies will be registered with the American Bully Kennels club. The Best American Bully Puppies for sale, will come from this breeding. This Pit bull puppy has one of the best pitbull bloodlines in the world. Hes a gigantic pitbull, beautiful pitbull, and an extremely healthy pitbull. His Head Size and Shape are perfect.

His Chest is perfect. His front end is amazing and we love his overall disposition. Perfect temperament, size and his beautiful appearance brought together make the perfect dog. He is a stud who has produced a beautiful litter time and time again; and he will do his magic again with Nola.

If you are looking for a massive family dog that will grab the attention where ever you go these are the puppies you will want! He has been viewed over 12 million times on youtube and facebook and was bred with Phoenix to produce the biggest and best. The bloodline in these puppies produce colors like, Champagne, Black Blue, and Chocolate. If you are wanting to own something big and one of a kind, this is the breeding for you.

This XXL looks like a male pitbull but is a female named Vicora. She is one of the best bluenose out. She has the perfect xl pitbull bloodline in her pedigree. Isn't it nice that now our best friends have better options then just water everytime. A flavor they just can't resist. This breeding brings together amazing puppies for sale with two unique pedigrees and is guaranteed to provide quality pit bull puppies that will bring their color, structure and temperament into your home. These puppies will produce, champagne, black, blue, chocolate and Lilac color.

Puppy pit bulls for sale

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Puppies for sale