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Check out our team of cuddling experts, and we guarantee you will find the perfect fit to cuddle with you! Powered by WP Buffs. Virtual high five! View Every Professional Cuddler from Cuddlist! Cuddler Session Info Check out our team of cuddling experts, and we guarantee you will find the perfect fit to cuddle with you! Jon Lehrer Certified Cuddlist. With over a decade of professional experience in the cuddle movement, I bring a warm grounded presence, a kind caring heart, a friendly sense of humour and a natural healing touch.

Together we'll craft custom-made snuggle sessions that move at your pace, meet your needs, and feel great! Annie Hopson Certified Cuddlist. Karen Certified Cuddlist. I'm excited to be part of what I truly believe will be something special Michelle Renee Certified Cuddlist. Looking for that "mom" kind of experience? My purpose in life is to help my clients experience what it feels like to be loved and accepted for who they are.

Yoni Certified Cuddlist. A perfect combination of attentive touch and a good listener, mixed with a good dose of relaxation. Madelon Certified Cuddlist. She is passionate about creating safe enough spaces for people to be authentic in the company of others. James Certified Cuddlist. I believe that connection, platonic human touch, and deep relaxation are even more vital and necessary today than ever before. Rachael Certified Cuddlist. Brenda Certified Cuddlist. Thriving is possible. Whether it's being warmly heard and seen, while being yourself completely, or discovering the value of giving and receiving nurturing touch as a parent, I am excited to hear from you.

Virtual Sessions Available. Antoine Certified Cuddlist. Together, we will create a safe, non-judgmental environment where we can both relax and let our true selves be, sharing what is essential to human nature: compassion, touch, and emotions. Sam Certified Cuddlist. Everyone is the lead protagonist of their own movie. If you've hit a snag in your plotline, I can be a minor character to help you. Fei Certified Cuddlist. I already love you unconditionally.

You are safe enough to be your whole self with me - I will understand and accept you just as you are. I also bring my deepest authenticity into our connection. Satori Laurel Certified Cuddlist. Delivering peace and a space to re-connect with what matters most you! In this platonic, heart-centered exploration with me, we will slowww way down and fully injoy the moment! Gina Certified Cuddlist. The thing that stands out most to those who know Gina is her huge heart.

She has a genuine interest in others and an innate love for those she meets. Shawna Certified Cuddlist. I am currently taking a few weeks off. If you would like me to contact you after my break, please feel free to sent me a request. If not, check back in a few weeks.

I hope everyone is taking care of themselves! Kyle Hoffman Certified Cuddlist. Vicki Tracy Certified Cuddlist. Break the physical isolation and come experience safe, nurturing, compassionate touch and connection with me. Everyone deserves loving presence-- where you are heard, held, and seen as the valuable human being you are.

I am fully vaccinated against Covid Mary Sorensen Certified Cuddlist. The most meaningful thing in the world is connection between people. There is nothing I like better than to look someone in the eye and have a real conversation. Marlene Certified Cuddlist. I see the need so many people have for close human contact, someone to listen to them without judgment, and make them realize that they matter.

In a sea of people, we are still so lonely. Daniel Greene Certified Cuddlist. If you don't have a man you can trust to give you safe, respectful, nurturing touch, I want to be that man. My goal is that every touch be a wanted touch, and those who want touch get it. Grace Certified Cuddlist. I'm fully vaccinated. If you are not, I'm happy to meet with you at a nearby park. Masks required at the time of this writing. Hana Certified Cuddlist. I would live in a hug if I could. Tiffanie Certified Cuddlist. When cuddling with Tiffanie, the first thing clients may notice is the ease and comfort by which she finds ways of relating.

Genuine curiosity is her way of cultivating meaningful experiences. Rivka Grace Savitri Certified Cuddlist. My desire in offering this important work, is to provide you with a profoundly safe and compassionate space in which to explore your own needs, wants and boundaries within platonic consensual touch. Clarissa Certified Cuddlist. Be met right where you are.

Be safe, be held, and be seen. Breathe, relax, and feel accepted through the simplicity of loving warmth and accepting presence. Connection is a balm on the soul. Jennifer Certified Cuddlist. Jennifer has witnessed the healing power of touch, active listening and compassionately being present to others. She is dedicated to the service of helping others. Dwight Certified Cuddlist. I have always liked holding and being held. I will provide a safe, nurturing space to you regardless of orientation or background. By day, I am also a novelist and a caregiver for seniors.

I specialize in cuddling with men. Kimberly M Certified Cuddlist. Kimberly began a journey of self-discovery in that led her to Transcendental Meditation, kundalini yoga, burlesque dancing, and meditative walking. After decades in corporate America, she was searching for connection and determined to find her bliss. Chinello Certified Cuddlist. Denise Certified Cuddlist.

I love cuddling. I believe that platonic touch is essential for health, and just as infants who are not touched cannot thrive, neither can adults. Holding another, feeling their heartbeat, and hearing their stories fills a need that everyone has and not everyone gets met. Keeley Certified Cuddlist. I would love to share that experience with you! Ella Certified Cuddlist.

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