Poem about dating

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Dating poems, poetry about dating, searching for love and starting a new relationship. Poems about online dating apps and websites and poetry about blind dates, first dates, bad dates and finding love in unexpected places. Welcome to Deep Underground Poetry. This website uses cookies. Continue Find Out More. Poems Dating. Dating Poems dating. Related Themes. View Profile. Poem Published 2nd Oct am.

Routines So am I use to some things in a box firm and tight doesn't always look pretty held up to the light Or maybe not serene with what society states how to interact with a most desirable mate When you communicate a physical exploration it comes as a surprise finally off of probation Never felt skilled in the art of love making more like a prisoner in the depths of breaking So you need not feel like your actions are wrong on this side reality shows my command not Read Poem.

Poem Published 1st Oct pm. Conflicted I keep thinking of so many thoughts I would like to wash them away. Like how the sea meets the shore drifting things slowly astray. I feel like I'm drowning yet still afloat. But for how long Should I write you a note? The beauty of you reminds me of the moon kissing the sea. Should I tell you or keep it with me? Would you accept the fact or would you react? Time is slow but yet so fast, maybe I would tell you at last!

Poem Published 20th Sep pm. It's Alright He is in love with the cheerleader dream He has it over and over. Where they are at the park In the dark. They stay in the car Kissing and loving. She wears his letter jacket He keeps her warm.

Wrapped together Cute as can be. Young in love And feeling so free. His hands move under her sweater Making out. She wants him and he wants her too. Romantic kissing, heavy breathing. Pounding hearts, rapid Poem Published 15th Sep pm.

Real My love for baby is real like the raging blue sea, powerful , deep, and everlasting it will forever be. Through all storms, high winds, and heavy drench rain, It will withstand everything we go through. Poem Published 13th Sep am. Poem Published 7th Sep am. Poem Published 26th Aug pm. Wafflenose Ellie. Beneath the Sky Nervous glances, holding hands, Their first meeting as something more than friends. Once so chatty over the phone, As life histories came tumbling out; Now tongue-tied, inhibited, waiting Still in her teens, red-haired, petite, She trotted along to keep in step With his long, lithe strides.

Though awkward and out of sync, They gave each other boldness And she felt secure in his reassuring presence. The sky, so blue on that sultry August evening, was Kissed with white clouds and Buzzing with anticipation. FallingInLove FirstLove dating. Poem Published 26th Aug am. Sleep eludes me It's half one in the morning and I really need to sleep, I've tried everything I can think of,even counting sheep. Poem Published 24th Aug pm. As I can feel your voice in the distance, between the sun and the moon whispering in my ears, like raindrops on a hot tin roof.

I know that it is hard to believe in love at first sight, but I am a witness to see it become reality for example when we say goodbye. I miss you so much I can feel the tears slowly raising from my eyes, as I can feel your hand upon my face wepting my tears from my eyes.

For the more I Poem Published 21st Aug am. Poem Published 19th Aug pm. Sexy Sandra Sexy Sandra, she's so sweet, Well built too and rather neat. There she stands, unspoilt and slender, She's making waves but please remember Sexy Sandra will turn you on! Even though she doesn't know - She's turning he wherever she goes. Sandra's so seductive too, And may well have her eye on you. Ya get me horny, that much is true!

What you doing tonight then hun, Fancy a stroll in the evening sun? Mmm, you can give me what I need, Desire and passion that's guaranteed. Sandra's the one I've DU Poetry : Dating Poems. : 1. Latest Forum Discussions. Today pm by Insiderew Rew. Feminist poetry. Today pm by AspergerPoet Let me in musically.

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Poem about dating

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