Po730 honda odyssey

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So my wife was driving her honda odyssey to work She had rough shifts would press on gas wouldn't go anywhere I took it on some more test drive still drove fine. I had cleared the codes. Press gas it idles high but doesn't go anywhere Please help. Not sure where to start. Has k miles. Simple answer given by dealer They couldn't answer me when I asked why it would work when cold.

New obd code is p Kendall answered 4 years ago. From what I understand, this is sometimes caused by warn brakes. They heat up which activates the TCS and it only turns off once the brakes cool.. Have your brakes checked.. Hadbetterdayz answered 3 years ago. Check you TCS solenoids on top of the transmission.. That will most likely be your problem. M answered 2 years ago. GuruXS86L answered 2 years ago. So it depends on what your symptoms are. If you see the issue when the engine speed crosses above rpm then it is related to the VTEC system.

If you can read out the failure codes, write them down and clear them. Through next free thing to try is to disconnect the battery for min which will reset all of the system memories this worked for me. Anthony answered 2 years ago. I have the same issue with my 04 Honda Odyssey LS and I've came to the conclusion that it's something to do with the ABS speed sensor on the passenger front side of the car. It comes on periodically both the check engine and the TCS light and immediately is followed by rough shifting and driving.

It's kind of scary. Replacing the ABS sensor can help but does not seem to solve the problem but, it did for a period of time. When the lights come on you need to turn the car on and off. This whole restart the TCS light and your car will drive normal until the light comes on again and I just repeat the step until the problem occurs again.

GuruX3VCW answered 2 years ago. Does anyone actually understand the solution to all the problems mentioned above. It does not seem the dealership is the answer either. They gamble a lot despite the gigantic bill they put costumers through--what a shame and reap off. I have the described issue with my Honda odyssey Could someone help? The issue for your Civic may be slightly different, since the discussion is mostly about - Odyssey Melissa answered 2 years ago.

This happened on my Honda Odyssey both the lights would come on it would start shaking real bad and I would get no response from the gas I would shut it off let it cool down start back up it would run fine for about 10 minutes then it would do the same thing I was told it is a safety mechanism in the van that when your engine oil is extremely low it will not let you go at high speeds to keep you from burning the engine up check your oil level.

Normaramos answered 2 years ago. I have a honda odessey and the TCS light comes on and then it dies on me. The solenoid screen that adjust and filters during shifts becomes clogged. After prolonged use about the time you notice bad shifting the filter is already clogged. It will throw a TCS light. Typical symptoms are bad acceleration, poor shifting typically gear , hard shifting banging when changing gears and hard shifting when putting it in drive. The issue goes away after the trans has cooled but comes back as the temp rises.

Typically you can clean the screen on the solenoid located ontop the trans but this is a temp fix. Honda is aware of this but nothing has been done. Hopefully everybody's issue isnt this but unfortunately this is an extremely common problem with the model!!! GuruCXC2K answered 2 years ago.

Just took my Odyssey in to get my brakes done. Told the shop where I had my brakes done and they're telling me it's nothing they did. I just my Odyssey to get the brakes done. After getting my van back I've been having this same problem. TCS light and Engine light coming on and every once in awhile. Revs up really fast. I called the place I had my brakes done and was told it nothing to do with what they did?

I got all new rotors and brake p installed. Never had this issue before? GuruCK7VK answered 2 years ago. I have a accord with a p I had a bad sensor in egr sensor. I also had TCS lit. Replaced egr and p went away check engine and TCS went out. I had this problem a couple of years ago a p check engine light and TCS. I cleaned manifold ports p left and Check engine went away and TCS. Five years ago had check engine light and TCS had exhaust leak before Egr.

I replaced exhaust gasket and lights went out. I think this is a flaw somewhere. DriverHonda answered 2 years ago. I have Honda odyssey and my tcs along with my engine light keep going on and off while I'm driving at the same time. I was having a different issue not too long ago and he checked my codes I actually had quite a few codes come up. The ones that stand out to me over everything I just read but first let me add I'm having no transmission problems. But I did have something come up diagnostically about my exhaust I know my brakes are starting to squeak in the back so there's my brake problem although it didn't code when that happened and he said also something about my O2 sensor.

After reading all of these comments I believe that the indicator lights can be quite a few different things none of them which are very good. And I know that my transmission was replaced before I bought it and I know my transmission is not been acting up or my acceleration. I basically see no difference when my lights come on and when they go off my car seems to drive the same. I'm thinking my exhaust has a lot to do with it along with my brakes. Repguru answered 2 years ago. Bad sensor on left front wheel also the abs has a control module expensive new this can also be caused by a bad ground to the module the module will try to recompensate motor timing which may cause advance and retard and yes misfire.

Mechanics and doctors lawyers lol use this to elevate and upsell not all but there are those that look at sales not people just saying. Misfires will after so many revolutions of loading and misfiring cause the random missfire. GuruB6PT5 answered 2 years ago. GuruLDWQ2 answered 2 years ago.

I cannot believe how many people have had this issue. This started for me last evening. I have a Honda Odyssey. I will be taking my vehicle in in the next hour What ever you find out on your , I'd love to know. I have the same model. Misfire codes, blinking engine llight, Trx Control. Power loss with elevated RPM.

Started right before we did a full break job. Actually Right after it came down off of the lift when the mechanic did his visual inspection. I spoke the the dealership and they said it was typically piston ring blow back issue and there was an extended warranty available depending on a Vin search. I replaced the plugs with OEM parts and coil packs little over a year ago and misfire codes happen again. Holy wah. Off to the parts store and see if we can call up a short term win.

Gordonrsdl answered 2 years ago. I am the same problem with TCI light comes on odyssey and corrected problem on Transmission with shifting when hot by replacing solenoid on tr transmission. Had misfire code on cylinder 5. Replaced coil pack and light went off for about days then came back on. Took it to Honda there was oil filing out the spark plug..

Po730 honda odyssey

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