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Two undercover police stings in Hollywood — in February and July — have resulted in the arrests of 19 men. The nature of the incidents continue to face criticism from the public and from the attorneys representing the men. The Hollywood Police Department conducted the latest operation July 25 at the Pleasure Emporium, located at South 30 th Avenue, in an area dotted largely with warehouses and commercial properties — I is on one side and railroad tracks are on the other.

The charges are misdemeanors, although at least one man is facing a felony charge for allegedly trying to flee the scene and resisting arrest, according to police reports. The July arrests and resulting media coverage have brought outcries of police overreaching and a curious prioritization of time and resources in a city that faces serious crime. None of the Pleasure Emporium charges include drugs, prostitution or the presence of minors. Local media has also been under fire for quickly publishing the names and photographs of the men arrested last month before police were asked any questions or any vetting of the situation took place.

Several of the men from both stings have hired South Florida attorneys. Some cases have pled out and most are pending. I saw orgies, male on male sex in the middle of the central hall of each theater. It also alleges prostitution involving males and females, without offering any specifics. Private area. The Pleasure Emporium has two small theaters in the back of the business for the viewing of pornographic videos. The men who were arrested were in the back area of the business, either in the theater area, private room area or the hallway, according to police reports. Miami attorney Abbie B.

She said he was also effectively outed as a gay man, something he was persecuted for before he came to South Florida from Cuba. Using limited resources on men who are involved in consensual acts? They arrested everyone they found in the back area. Fuck you Hollywood Police, this is disgusting. Gelfman is representing one of the men arrested during the February operation. This is not right. Attempts to reach both were not successful.

Pleasure emporium south beach miami

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Pleasure Emporium