Plain brown wrapper grand forks nd

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Jeanne Griffin O'Neil began her career in art as a mural artist with Active Artists, a mural cooperative she helped to form, based in Ames, Iowa. From to , Jeanne painted over thirty murals with the cooperative. From to , she was a teacher and supervisor for mural projects in Ames Elementary Schools, working with children from first through sixth grade. She graduated with a degree in Honors from the University of North Dakota in the spring of Art is a form of language, a means of communication. The images I make are definitions of time and place; as in the changes of light behind bare trees, the patterns made by prairie grasses and by wind rows against the sky.

I am also a folk musician and dancer. My art has similar repeating themes to those in the tunes and dances, things that repeat again and again, going round and round. I began making prints of farmste back in Iowa in the early 80's, interested in the combination of past and present co-existing in a place; old barns and buildings being gradually replaced by new structures, old wind rows dying and new ones planted, a sort of human ature on the landscape. However, it was not until we moved here to the Red River Valley, where it is so flat, that I began to see the farm houses and barns, sheds, grain bins, rows of evergreens and cottonwoods sitting on the flat line of the horizon as words, as lines of text.

They become a language of human interaction with the land, against the ever-changing of the sky. Jeanne Griffin O'Neil. Jeanne featured on Prairie Public TV:.

Plain brown wrapper grand forks nd

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Plain Brown Wrapper in Grand Forks, ND