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Waterbom is the largest and oldest water-park in all of Bali covering an area of 38, square meters. It has rides and amenities for adults and kids alike and ensures a fun time when you are visiting with family. Rides such as Race Track, Superbowl, Smashdown and Boomerang are some activities that you should not miss. There are also several cafes and refreshment centers where you can relax after all the activities. Location : Jl. The unique installations and the quirky concepts of the interiors at Upside Down World in Bali makes it one of the most interesting places you can visit in Kuta.

Although there are a lot of places to go and things to do in Kuta, none quite match up to Upside Down World where you can take the best pictures from your vacation. The place consists of 7 rooms that are decorated beautifully with furniture and fittings of a traditional home, except everything is quite noticeably, upside down. You can check out the 3D art installations which are one of a kind. By Pass Ngurah Rai No. Denpasar Sel. Turtles are a large and ificant part of the ecosystem of Bali which is why the Kuta Beach Sea Turtles Conservation centre has been working for several years to help the turtle population thrive and multiply.

Their work has resulted in the hatching of thousands of baby sea turtles which are nurtured and then allowed to swim out to sea. Visitors can enter for free and learn about turtles, their importance to the environment and spend time with the turtles that are currently housed in the center. You can also participate in community activities when you are there. Timings : Open 24 hours Price : Free entry. If you are looking for things to do in Kuta apart from visiting the beach and checking out the conventional sight-seeing places, then you must pay a visit to the Kuta Theatre.

It is a series of small theatres that host regular shows and plays, for all to enjoy. Witness local performers in traditional costume doing performance arts such as the Legong Dance, magic shows, plays and much more. It is a great place to learn about Balinese culture and history and also a place where you can spend a wonderful evening with your loved ones.

Location : Dee Jay Cafe, Jl. Kuta Center No. The Kuta Karnival is one of the most happening events in Kuta which takes place every year in October. Thousands of people from all over the world flock to this Karnival to witness Balinese culture come to life in all its glory. Events at the festival include cartoon exhibitions, kite flying festivals, food festivals, screening of movies, traditional song and dance performances and much more. The whole beach comes alive with colours and people and it is an event that you should not miss if you are in Bali during this time of the year.

Location : Kuta Beach, Bali. The Vihara Dharmayana is a Buddhist Temple located East of the main coast of Kuta and is one of the oldest monuments in the city. Believed to be more than years old, the Vihara Dharmayana is known for its calm atmosphere, stunning Indonesian architecture and the rich religious, cultural and spiritual history offered by the place.

Despite its age, it has been very well-maintained and is still used by pilgrims, students and priests for ceremonies and meditation. Location : Jalan Blambangan No. Timings : Monday to Sunday am — pm Price : Free entry. This is the place where you can enjoy some exclusive activities including swimming, tennis, sports and fitness classes, access to their in-house waterpark and much more. They also have an infinity pool which you can access with a day pass for the Finns Beach Club. The whole resort is loaded with modern facilities and amenities of pure luxury such as spas, fitness centres, swimming pools, restaurants and much more.

Location: Jl. Pantai Berawa, Canggu, Kec. One of the most exciting and culturally ificant things to do in Kuta includes a visit to the amphitheatre in Uluwatu temple located on a cliff beside the sea and is dedicated to Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa or Lord Rudra. The amphitheatre in the venue is fringed with flat stone seating with an open area in the middle for performances. The most notable performance that takes place there is the Kecak Fire Dance which involves traditional Balinese music and instruments and dancers in traditional costumes performing the story of the epic Ramayana with fire and fanfare.

The Kuta Night Market is one of the oldest night markets in Indonesia and it has been thriving and functional since the s. It is built to cater to the local Balinese population, who come here daily to unwind and enjoy some good local food and drink. While a visit to the beaches and shopping malls are some of the most recommended activities in Kuta, you must not miss a visit to the Night Market if you are looking for a culturally insightful experience.

The stalls sell local delicacies such as kwetiau flat noodles , kangkong stir-fried spinach , asparagus soup, satays, gulai Indonesian meat soup , frog legs, seafood and much more. Timings : Monday to Sunday pm — pm Price : Free entry. You must have had the experience of floating on the water on a usual boat, but have you wondered how exciting it would be to afloat on a donut-shaped boat that slides through water? If not, then head to the mesmerizing Tanjung Benoa beach and indulge in this unique Donut Boat Ride activity where you hop on an inflated donut-like raft and get to admire the beauty of the sea water and the beaches like never before.

This shop is very unique and follows a very distinctive concept which has lately become a trend for fashion lovers. The concept of upcycling, or using old and outdated brands and remaking them to something fancy and wearable is the main theme at this shopping complex.

Not just clothes, tourists can find many other interesting and engrossing items. For fashionistas, thrifting just went onto another level! You can find many other quirky items like bags, handcrafted souvenirs etc. The eco-friendly theme of this shop centre is the reason tourists should go for a visit and buy many things at very reasonable cost and support the local community.

Location: Jalan Raya Basangkasa No. Warung Murah is popular for being one of the cheapest restaurants in Bali that has been able to attract all foodies as well as many international tourists. At extremely affordable prices, and very flattering menus ranging from mouth watering sumptuous Indonesian meals to dainty and appetizing cocktails, this restaurant is a classic. The menu here also comprises other tasty and palette satisfying dishes like tuna and chicken steak, fried chicken in special Balinese sauce and a glass of chilled beer.

You can plan to visit this place during the afternoon hours on weekdays. It is the perfect option to enjoy and relax in the touristy place and admire the scenic and bustling life of Kuta. Arjuna No. For people looking for a fun afternoon and to get their hands up on adventurous water sports like surfing, skateboarding, wakeboarding etc on an absolutely safe sheet of water guided by trained experts. This venue lets the visitor practise surfing at different water stream speeds. Non-surfers can enjoy and relax at the other engaging attractions this venue has to offer like many great restaurants, and incredible beverages and retail services.

Dewi Sri No. Experience the best of nightlife at Kuta, with a trip to the Apache reggae bar. The bar offers great bands with lively music, rock and roll bands and happy times. With soaring tourists, and blasting music, the bar can be a very memorable night at Kuta.

The entrance fees are moderately priced and delicious meals are also offered at the bar for affordable prices. The staff is known to be very quick and the ambience is perfect for a night of mind-blowing dancing, partying and DJing. Location: Jl Legian No. At the third floor of the very famous beach shopping mall lies the museum kain. This museum also tells the history of printing blocks, wax pens and dried leaves all used for making Balinese ethnic clothing in the past. The museum also uses top notch technology like touch screen panels before each item in the exhibit.

Admire the craftsmanship and culture of the Indonesian people. If you are near Pandawa Beach, make sure you go check out the abandoned plane- a large Boeing , standing in the middle of the field, without any reason. While many think it was bought by a businessman to convert into a theater or restaurant, others believe it was brought for a secret mission. While visiting an old, abandoned plane might not be part of your list of top 10 activities in Kuta, there is a mysterious appeal which has led this plane becoming a major tourist attraction in the area.

Nusa Penida is a quaint and beautiful island located in Indonesia and is separated from the main island of Bali by the Badung Straits. To get to the island, one must book a ferry that takes you across the straits. There are also several resorts and hotels on the island if you plan to spend more than a day at Nusa Penida. While there are several things to do in Kuta, a day trip to Nusa Penida can make your vacation even better. There are lots of old caves, temples, gorgeous beaches, limestone cliffs, waterfalls, hiking trails and underwater activities such as scuba diving and snorkeling that you can enjoy when you are there.

There are many fun and engaging activities in Kuta that you can enjoy during the day, but if you are looking for some happening nightlife in Bali, the Sky Garden Rooftop Bar and Lounge is the place to be. It is one of the largest and most happening night clubs in all of Bali, with the highlight of the place being its rooftop bar. You can enjoy stunning views of the ocean and especially the sunset on the ocean from the terrace and enjoy some delicious drinks and dinner before the party starts after sundown.

Location : Jln Legian No. Ever heard of legal drinking and driving? Believe it or not, one of the most exciting things to do in Kuta includes hopping on the Bali Beer Cart and sight-seeing like never before. You can choose a seater cart or a seater cart where you will be served ice cold beer options of champagne and wine are also available at different price points and go through some of the most beautiful spots in the city. This is something you should try out when you are in Kuta for the thrill of the ride literally and the unique experience it offers.

A helicopter ride over the blue oceans and the limestone cliffs shows you the beauty of the island through a unique perspective and makes it a truly memorable experience. You can see active volcanoes, sheer cliffs and rock formations, surf breakers, caves and temples that are thousands of years old, coral reef formations and the outline of the island where the azure oceans meet the white sands, making it one of the more memorable things to do in Kuta. Raya Pelabuhan Benoa, Pedungan, Kec.

Riding a bike of your own through the beautiful streets of Bali and along the gorgeous coastline is one of the best activities in Kuta for you and your loved ones. When you rent a scooter, you will also receive two helmets and a raincoat to make you travel hassle-free. If you are planning to go sight-seeing in Kuta or a day trip to nearby places, hiring a scooter is the best and most comfortable option since it is the primary form of transportation on the island. An important water theme park in Bali is Waterbom Waterpark which is lying amidst lush green forest and equipped with multiple fun and adventurous rides extending happiness to adults as well as kids and it is one of the famous places to visit in Kuta.

It is termed to be an indescribable oasis amidst the extensive stretch of Kuta beach. The water slides inside the park are quite amusing. They will slice through a huge area of 3. There are ways to enjoy your time in complete thrill both on land and in water. This is a perfect choice for families as all the rides are safe and enjoyable. You can choose to dine out at cafes and this park is a one-stop entertainment capital of Bali.

Highlight: The park uses only advanced salt chlorination water which is soft to the environment as well as on your skin. Both adults and kids can equally enjoy these rides since all of the meet the international safety standards. Entry fee: For adults per one day: IDR Very close to the famous Jimbaran Beach is Kedonganan Beach which is famous for authentic seafood delicacies and relaxed resort stay with a bewitching view of the ocean.

The extremely beautiful white sandy beach with a slope along with the regular remembrance of the calm waves to the shore is ideal for a perfect sunset view or a leisurely walk and it is one of the famous places to see in KutaThe multiple restaurants offering different types of seafood will be quite buzzed every afternoon by the enlarged crowd of tourists and locals.

Another attraction is the fish market where fresh fish caught by the fishermen can be purchased. Highlights: The romantically shining restaurants are the irresistible attraction on the beach where you get lip-smacking grilled seafood items and the dining settings that offer you the best sunset views are quite beautiful.

Activities: Swimming, sunbathing, fishing etc are the favourite activities of tourists arriving at the beach. But a relaxed walk on the shore watching the calm waves slowly approaching the white sandy beach is something even more appreciable. Opening hours: You can visit the beach any time you would like to but most of the seafood restaurants will be opened around pm to midnight.

With an aim to protect the tiny eggs and thus increase the hatching rates of sea turtles started Kuta Beach Sea Turtle Conservation Programme Started almost 17 years ago. It is one of the best places to visit in Kuta. It was started by Mr. Agung and Wayan with 1 sea turtle nest which was protected with bamboo placed around the nest. There are Turtle Rangers to patrol the beach during the night to give the mother sea turtles safe place on the shore to lay eggs and go back to the ocean. They relocate the eggs to the hatchery at Kuta and wait for the next days to get the eggs developed and hatched.

When the eggs are hatched, the conservationists will return them to the natural habitat immediately. Highlights: Currently, tourists are also becoming part of the conservation programme hugely as the awareness about protecting these animals has gained prominence around the island.

Places to go in kuta

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