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Is prostitution legal in Arizona? Posted on July 12, Arizona law makes it a crime to knowingly engage in prostitution ARS , which is trading sexual favors for money or something of value. It is also a crime to solicit prostitution , which is offering or agreeing to trade sex acts for money or something of value.

Prostitution is usually a class 1 misdemeanor , and there is a mandatory day jail sentence for a first-time offense. Under Arizona law, prostitution is defined as knowingly engaging in sexual conduct with another person in exchange for money or any other valuable consideration. State law does not explicitly forbid solicitation of prostitution — which is offering or agreeing to engage in an act of prostitution.

But many local ordinances do make solicitation a criminal violation of prostitution laws. Note that the sex can be any kind of sexual act , such as vaginal sex, oral sex, anal sex, groping, or BDSM. And the valuable consideration can be not only money but also things or favors, such as a landlord agreeing to waive rent if the tenant submits to sex.

See our related article on the crime of pandering ARS , which is encouraging or coercing someone to engage in prostitution. Note that pandering is different from pimping ARS , which is receiving the earnings of a prostitute. Pandering is also different from keeping or residing in a house of prostitution ARS Yes, a prostitution conviction carries a mandatory minimum of jail time in Arizona. Note that child prostitution is always a class 2 felony. If the minor was ages 15 to 17, defendants may be eligible for probation with a day jail term that could be reduced to 90 days upon completion of counseling.

Otherwise, prostitution with a minor carries prison. In addition, child prostitution carries sex offender registration whereas prostitution between two consenting adults does not carry sex offender registration. There are many possible ways a criminal defense lawyer can fight prostitution charges in Arizona.

Depending on the available evidence, five common defense arguments include the following:. Call our criminal law firm for legal advice. Our criminal defense attorneys offer free consultations in Phoenix and throughout the state of Arizona. Our law group create attorney-client relationships throughout Arizona. The initial consultation is free. We defend against all types of charges, from sex crimes and theft crimes to drug crimes and violent crimes.

Please attach copies of any citations or booking documents. Attach another file if needed. It is also a crime to solicit prostitution, which is offering or agreeing to trade sex acts for money or something of value. Prostitution is usually a class 1 misdemeanor, Taylor, Ariz.

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Phoenix az hookers

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