Percentage of people who lie

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Imagine going through life with per cent complete honesty. A lie is a false statement or a situation in which someone is being untruthful. Lies can come in many shapes and sizes. National Honesty Day is celebrated on April 30 to encourage honesty and straightforward communication in life. Although it is mainly observed in the USA, people all over the world should take note of this day and use it as an opportunity to reflect on how honest they are in life. As you can see, many people think that lying is always wrong and honesty is the way to go.

Except when there's a good reason for lying - which only then makes it okay. Studies suggest that like strategists we gauge the field and calculate if feigning something will be of benefit before making a decision. In one experiment, conducted in the mids by developmental psychologist Michael Lewis, children were asked to NOT peek at a toy that was left alone in a room with them. They were then questioned about whether their curiosity had led to action. While most kids did look, a large proceeded to blandly lie about it.

When the same study was conducted but with a monetary value attached to both honest replies and lies — when honestly was more greatly valued, it was also more often dispensed. For example, when lying is a survival mechanism, through repeated lies, [it] can become habit. If lying is determined as gene-based, it is seen as a medical issue, as a psychological issue. Now for some good? But this is more an indicator of street smarts than anything else.

However, if a person is consistently lying and is proficient in lying, then they are using those socially manipulating skills. The only way forward, to have your child understand the difference in when it is right or wrong, contrary to popular belief, is not through observation. So getting back to the real question: are we born liars?

No, but it certainly comes easy to trip into that trap. None of these s alone can tell you if someone is lying or deceiving, its important to notice inconsistencies in body language and to know what the baseline behaviour and body language looks like for the person being assessed. I lie all the time. Probably every day. But why do I lie, you may ask? I lie because I have reached a point in my life where I want to do what I want. I also tell lies for my own selfish good. For example, I know if tell my friends that a dinner reservation is at 8pm they will show up at 8.

I will also lie to my parents if it sometimes prevents an argument. Examples of such lies include:. I am fine. Lying makes life go a little more smoothly. Let me start off by saying I am eternally grateful to my dad for this — I have absolutely no resentment and would have it happen no other way. Coming back to lying, I remember one incident in particular — I came home with unexpectedly low marks on a mid-term exam, terrified of how my mom would react. After all, she had spent many evenings and nights drumming information into my brain.

I lied, and hid the paper in the deep recesses of my school bag. Two days later, as I was happily and unsuspectingly playing with my brother after school, my parents accidentally found the paper. My dad without another word beat me black and blue. When I lie, people who know me can tell, especially my dad and my husband.

Do I think honesty helps? To me, it is my best quality and I never want to learn how to be more calculating. However, I can see that being clever, with an ability to tell white lies, could take you up the social or corporate ladder. As I said, I am happy my dad inculcated in me this disability. Of course, I have lied as too. Ask my mother, she will tell you I was a con artist. My mother believed in corporal punishment.

I, on the other hand, try to have a conversation, explain logic or give my son a bitter scolding, if he does something naughty or dangerous. I believe in corporal punishment too, but that is reserved for out-of-hand tantrums. No, my son does not lie for everything. Not right now, at least. So you might as well tell me before I ask God and get really mad. Motherhood is tricky business, and like most mothers, I would love for my child to grow up to be an honest man. I would like to describe myself as an honest person but when I really think about it, am I actually honest?

As an adult, I pride myself in being able to maintain and sustain friendships. The daily Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat notification is a reassurance that my friends are thinking of me and that I am doing something right. Within my circle, I have different groups of friends this always pleasantly surprises me, that I am able to juggle so many people and within these groups, there are different personalities and dynamics. For me, I think hurting someone, intentional or not, is one of the worst things to do. In one of the groups, to keep everyone happy, I would never mention what the other person is saying about them.

I will not tell one friend that he could be doing more with his life because he is happy with where he is. I will always try to mend friendships; when you have a group of friends, and there is a fall out, I will always try to meddle and fix it. Am I not living my truest, authentic self because I have to lie to my friends? And should I not accept that a white lie is just in the end, harmless and trivial? Yes it does. By being honest you build trust in people. The more trust you build in people the better integrity you build for yourself.

I work as a manager for a hotel group and being honest in my job is critical. My personality too is such that I can never lie. It just shows on my face. So I prefer to keep my life simple without complications. Not always. When you know the other person will be hurt with your honesty, it is better to lie. As long as you are not harming someone else it is fine. I try and keep quiet and refrain from commenting if I see something is wrong and the other person may not like hearing it. But when they insist on my opinion I am forced to lie. One has to be rather courageous to live an honest life.

It takes a lot for someone to remain honest in a world where lies rule. But I am proud to stand out. Yes there are people who do not lie, but they can be hard to find at times. I can never lie as I have a short-term memory loss. So keep your life simple and just done lie. It is very exhausting. More often than not whatever you are lying about it is an issue you need to resolve.

So it is more important dealing with that than anything else. Yes completely. When I spend a day without telling a lie I sleep well in the night. It gives me peace of mind that all is well. I have always been inspired by Mahatma Gandhi who is such a great example of someone who met all his challenges with honesty and no manipulation whatsoever. That is the way I like to live my life as well. They say honesty is the best policy. Today the world is so competitive and in order to keep up with all the competition, you have to lie at one point. I prefer honesty and having a clear conscience.

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Percentage of people who lie

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