Passed out wife sex stories

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By submitting the form, you acknowledged that you are or over 18 years old and you will follow local policies and laws. Posted Aug 10, by anonymous views comments. As a proud slut I have been that passed out woman many times. There have also been times I was only pretending to be passed out and got to enjoy every minute of fucking.

I know it's rape but I get to experience so many cocks and get to give them pleasure. My friend and his girlfriend were both plastered and it was really late at night and we decided it was time to get some sleep. We were all laying in the floor with blankets. After we laid down I could hear them drunkenly giggling and whispering to each other and it was apparent that they were starting to have sex.

I looked over and saw her facing away from me and on her side with her leg over the top of his legs. He was on his side facing her and trying to fuck her as they were both laying facing each other. They were going at it for a few minutes before I clearly heard him tell her that he was coming. She didn't say anything back to him and a few seconds later they were both silent and motionless.

I was curious. Had they passed out while they were fucking or something? I rolled over and looked up over them and sure enough they were both passed smooth out still holding onto each other. I couldn't help it. I had to look and see if he was still inside her. I picked up the blanket and he had gone soft and has slipped out of her.

I looked at her pussy and it was one of the most beautiful pussies I have ever seen in my life! I could see that he had came in her and I watched as a drip ran down the crease of her ass cheek. Her pussy looked so good and inviting and pink. I was already hard from hearing them fucking beside me but now I was throbbing and leaking precum.

I looked at how they were positioned together and It looked like I could lay behind her and spoon her without touching him at all. I gradually made my way up to her and I fit perfectly behind her and she was actually in a great position for me to access her. I was behind her and I was less than an inch from her pussy and I was about to chicken out when she snored and pushed back to me and my dick had actually been barely pushed into her. There was no stopping now because it felt great! I slowly crept it up into her little by little until I was completely inside her very warm and very wet and very very nice feeling pussy.

She was tight! If she wasn't already fucked and full of cum I probably wouldn't have been able to get it in her. Her pussy was squeezing me and I could feel it rippling up and down on my dick like it was milking me. I have never felt a pussy do that before but it was gripping stronger and rippling itself all around my dick. Honestly it was a great feeling!

I realized real fast that I wasn't going to even have to do anything because I was already feeling my cum beginning to churn in my balls. Her pussy was working me over by itself. I could feel it like it was trying to push me out of her with the muscles inside it so I pushed back into her. To my astonishment it started convulsing rapidly around me super strong and fast and I knew that she was having an orgasm in her sleep. My cum was boiling up now and I pushed into her real hard as her pussy was rapidly sucking and pushing on my dick and it brought me to a very hard orgasm and I pumped my entire load as far inside her as I could.

I quickly went soft and came out of her so I slid back over to my blanket and covered up. Nobody knew a thing about it. I crave giving them pleasure. I crave feeling it as it is pulsing and squirting and seeing how his face is so happy and knowing that I am the one giving him all that pleasure. I sort of knew a couple of girls who used to do exactly that. I went to a friend's party in my early 20s, and there were two passed out girls who some of the guys were taking turns fucking. I thought it was hot, but I don't fuck passed out girls as it seems pretty damn rapey.

My friend told me it was cool, these girls had done it before. That sounded like BS, an excuse to fuck them. But a month or so later I saw the same two girls passed out once again at his place during a party. That's when I found out they were roommates. The girls acted passed out because either they found it hot to be drunk-raped, or that they wanted lots of sex but didn't want to be labeled as sluts. My step sister would do that to. A lot of boys got to fuck her while she was pretending to be passed out.

My friend even fucked her once when she was "passed out" and he was gesturing for me to come over to him. When I got there he was motioning for me to get my shorts off and get ready. I was already so horny that I was already about to cum.

I was beside him and he took his dick out and moved over and I got in his place and quickly sank my dick back inside her and started fucking and in only a few thrusts I was injecting my cum into her. My friend saw that I was coming and he gave me the thumbs up and he got beside me and nodded his head saying he was ready. I moved and he slid over and slid himself back into her real fast and he fucked her for another minute or so before he blew his load inside her. I left the room and soon he was done and he came out to ask me what I thought about her pussy. We talked about it so long that he got horny again and he went back in and fucked her again.

My wife drinks to much whenever we party and always yells at me to not leave without her. I have carried her to bed dozens of times and had sex with her. I do not even have to use lube she is always horny and wet. Yes that's it exactly! I love to take lots of cocks and it always turns me on to have a man's cock inside me for the first time. Pretending to be passed out and oblivious allows me so much opportunity to experience what I love.

Sometimes I even crash strangers' parties just to get raped. Last night. Girlfriend drank until she passed out. Took the opportunity to push down her panties and lube her up. Sank in her warm wet tight pussy balls deep. Just felt her insides for a while before I finally fucked her and got my rocks off way up deep in her. Or maybe even a cousin of his. She used to get bad migraine headaches and back then all her doctor could do for her was prescribe strong sleeping pills she took when she felt a headache coming on so she could sleep through the headache and wake up later when it had passed.

When she felt a migraine coming on she'd quickly put on her night gown and go to bed. Just a handful of times I was the only other person home so when mom took her pills and went to bed I knew I could pretty much do whatever I wanted to her and she'd never know it. When I knew she was out cold I'd get naked and get in bed with her. I'd take her panties off and play with her hairy pussy, fingering and licking it before fucking her. She had her tubes tied years ago so no chance she could get pregnant so I always came in her pussy. She'd wake up hours later and it was such a turn on seeing her walk around the house with a big load of my cum in her and she totally didn't know it.

She was in her 40's and I was 15 back then. Your mother knew you fucked her the first time you did it and I would bet a bar of gold that sometimes she pretended to be out so she could experience sex with you while awake. Fucking an unconscious woman without waking her, certainly. But her not knowing the next morning that a man stretched and poked her and spermed her cootchie? Never happens. Read about a woman gang fucked while blackout drunk.

Had no idea who or where or how many, but that she was fucked? No doubt. Ask women you know. Dude, you're ruining the fantasy for everybody here! At one party some guys were filming me taking on every guy in the party. I was in a black out. I don't remember a thing. But I saw his phone the next day, he was reminding me of what a wild woman I was from the night before. Total BS. I have never had more than one guy at a time fuck me when I was unconscious but really want to be gang raped.

I have even pretended to be passed out to see if someone would fuck me and they do almost every time even when I was a teenager. I LOVE this and wish it could happen every night. I say that because at 14 I went to a rave. I remember dancing and drinking but that's it. I woke up naked someplace I didn't know where. My pussy was sore and dripping what I guess was cum. I would have liked to be aware of what was happening to me.

Especially since I was a virgin. Lucky guy, found a virgin girl who was passed out and ready to be fuck. Who was the girl? How do you fuck her? Which position? It's not rape. She put herself in that situation. She knows its gonna happen. Sleeping holes are willing holes.

Maybe a dozen couples staying at a friends ski cabin. The second night there, my wife got really drunk, so I picked her up and took her up to bed, I took off her cloths and put her in bed naked. I then went back downstairs to the party. Three or four hours later I went to bed.

Passed out wife sex stories

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