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How do you "cold call"? I read your article on messaging, but I don't believe it covers this particular issue. Skylar, this is a great question! Minimal profiles are the worst. But odds are in favor of 1 or 2. Online dating sites and apps like Tinder are about quick first impressions and starting conversations.

In a cold call situation, most guys fail on both s. I'd like to know more about uā€¦.. Make a real attempt to get a real conversation started right off the bat. Take a quick inventory of what you DO have to work with. Most guys will ignore the tiny bits of information that a bare bones profile provides ā€” but any kernel of information can be gold!

Those can be controversial or super personal, and might make her hesitate to reply. Specific info in her pictures can also be fair game ā€” as long as your message focuses on a unique detail that not everyone could note as special. For example, maybe she's wearing an old Weezer t-shirt. Those are great to comment on; not everyone is into those things. Meanwhile, tons of guys could write, "Hey, I love the beach, too.

Increase your chances of getting a reply with a first message that stays away from superficial topics. Instead, pick out any bit of info that her profile does share and quickly write a question about it that asks for her thoughts or opinions.

With your interest in her thoughts not her looks and your ability to start a conversation out of nothing ā€” you just might succeed where other men have failed! You must be logged in to post a comment. By Em. Hi Em, How do you "cold call"?

What was it for you? Have you ever been to X Restaurant? Their veggie burgers are actually incredible! How long for you? Ever considered going full vegan? Me too, 5 years. What do you miss the most? Knowing she might be a girl from category 1 or 2 , just give it a quick shot and move on. Em is an online dating consultant specializing in practical, actionable advice for leveling up your profile, photos, messaging, and mindset. Since , she's helped thousands of men improve their online dating , and her insight has been featured on Lifehacker, Thought Catalog, and numerous podcasts.

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Online dating first message empty profile

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How to Message a Girl Who Has Nothing On Her Profile