Online dating codes

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in. The first dating site I ever ed up for was Match. I shut that down after less than a week. Next I tried eHarmony, a site that claims to match people up based on an intensive series of psychological and personality tests. I finally put up on Nerve and Salon, two sites that seemed to draw a lot of people who were into the same things as me, like French bulldogs, postmodern literature, aromatherapy candles, romantic walks on the beach and hardcore pornography. But what I can do is save you a whole lot of time and energy by explaining how to decode personal , and what you can actually expect when you go to meet someone.

Other than those toasthe, most people are pretty honest about their age, which makes the next lie, the photo, much easier to spot. A From 7 years ago. B From 40 pounds ago. C Taken on that one rare occasion when the light was hitting them just right, the angle was just right, the focus was just right, etc. D Photoshopped to death. E Of someone else. You will not be able to spot this man or woman in person. On the night of your first date, ask him or her to hold up a cardboard with your name on it like limo drivers do at airports. A good rule of thumb is: the more forward slashes, the bigger the loser.

Men are far guiltier of lying about their occupations than women, by the way. Might as well date the circus clown. A Friend. B Dating. D Serious Relationship. E Marriage. Let me explain each of these terms for you in greater detail. Friends: No one on the personals is looking for friends. By far the most sensible thing to seek through the personals. I must add that most women are not interested in just Play. Most women want a relationship that will lead to marriage and babies, regardless of what they say, how they act, and what they even try to convince themselves of. Dating: And speaking of suffering through drinks and dinner.

Dating is the dance of death we do in our culture that requires forced conversation over awkward dinners in trendy sushi restaurants. In the latter case, your relationship falls apart and you go through a painful break-up. Why bother? This is deed to help you delude yourself into thinking someone is hooking up with you — or you with them — because of common interests. The reality? And while he holds you to this standard, you are to ignore his hair plugs, paunch, Yeti-like body hair, double chin, jowls, lack of a neck and underemployment.

The biggest mistake a lot of men make is picking women for their looks, and then realizing two months into the divorce proceedings that they should have just gone for the girl who made them laugh. This guy will latch onto you like a jellyfish. This guy is a giant pain in the ass to get rid of. The only thing you can do to lose him is change all your screennames, e-mail addresses, phone s, job, friends, hangouts, and then move across town.

The guys who are desperate or lovelorn tend to be average- to good-looking. Just an observation from my personal dating experiences. Love at first sight or nothing. Wanting to fuck someone on first sight is not the same thing as love. Love is an emotion that grows when you get to know someone over a period of time, as they unveil their secrets, their dreams, their desires, their fears. My best advice?

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Online dating codes

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