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Blessings from the Philippines! The greatest need for children in my country is LOVE, and you have shown this in abundance. Thank you! During the economic struggles and health concerns brought about by the COVID pandemic, the Child Champions at our Hope Centers listened to parents and their own gut feelings in regards to what was best for registered children. We all reached out to one another via Zoom meetings and prayed together.

We offered each other support as we worked through how to safely and effectively continue with the program during lockdown. And some really great ideas came about from these talks with Child Champions and parents! They started learning at home, and the beauty of this is that the siblings of our registered children can also partake in the lessons and resources we offer. By extension, now even more children are given a glimpse of a better future. In the Philippines, bringing hope to hard places means entering an environment filled with darkness and despair that has been brought about by generational lawlessness, greediness, and corruption.

It means encountering children living in such poverty. They are perceived as unimportant, as nothing — so their health and education are not a priority. It means gaining their trust, assuring them that they will be protected, and preparing them for the life they deserve. And the Child Champions in our Hope Centers are up for this challenge! But they cannot do this work alone. Without the ongoing support, encouragement, and prayers of sponsors like YOU, serving these children would not be possible.

Sponsors are their heroes from the other side of the world. Sponsors make their children feel appreciated, accepted, important, and inspired. It is our most fervent wish that every child located in the hardest places in the Philippines can have the same kind of life that children who are better provided for and live in urban areas have. We want these children to have an equal opportunity to learn and grow and play.

We want to empower them with a sense of worth, dignity, and confidence. We want them to know that they should not be ignored. Is there someone in your life who would be an amazing Champion for from the Philippines? Please encourage them to become a sponsor. The Philippines is an archipelago located in Southeast Asia. The country is comprised of more than 7, islands, which makes it one of the best places in the world to find a beautiful beach. The people are hardworking, hospitable, and fun. The Philippines is the only Christian nation in Asia, with Catholicism as the predominant religion.

But a large portion of the population in the Philippines has little access to education and low to no income sources. Desperate people tend to make poor choices, so in the urban sector, some turn to gambling, theft, prostitution, and drug dealing to survive. In rural places, many citizens lack basic resources and modern amenities but are sometimes able to grow their own food, so they are less likely to resort to a life of crime. The common struggle in both areas is that children are among the most adversely affected.

The abuse and online sexual exploitation of children increased during the global pandemic of since most were forced into lockdown with their perpetrators. But not all families are able to partake in the offered government programs. Thankfully, OneChild is there to guide the next generation into the future to become leaders of tomorrow who love and fear God, who are dedicated to making a difference in the Philippines, and who might even find a way to change the world.

OneChild provides opportunities for children in the Philippines to receive quality schooling, nutritious meals, medical care, and Christian teaching in a secure and loving environment with trusted adults who have their best interests at heart. Child Champions welcome these children, expanding even into remote and tribal areas, where people are undocumented and not included in the government census. OneChild also brings healing and care to child survivors of sexual exploitation through the work of Happy Horizons Ranch.

Our ability to our donors is one of our highest priorities. Our goal is to use the funds entrusted to us as wise stewards. To do this requires continued monitoring of our fund distribution. What an unexpected blessing this has been! Thank you for coming alongside children like and giving them a chance. Philippines Hope Centers. Christmas in the Philippines. Flash Flooding in Digos City, Philippines. Voice for the Voiceless. A Refuge From Abuse. Connecting Church Communities Around the World. Every child in poverty needs a champion.

We are able to the children we serve AND to our donors. Letter from Country Director. About Philippines. Stories and Updates from Philippines. us on social media where we advocate for children in poverty. Help meet critical needs in hard places. Box , Colorado Springs, CO

One hope philippines

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