Okay or okey

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Okay , OK , and O. OK is more common in edited writing, but okay appears about a third of the time. The word has several main uses. Something that is OK is positive, but not as positive as it could be. It also works as an interjection used to express agreement or approval. From this extends its verb sense, to agree or approve , and from the verb extends its noun sense, agreement or approval. There are many theories about the origins of the word, some more plausible than others.

Other theories are that the word somehow came from Old Kinderhook , the nickname of U. OK, so what myths are we talking about? It might be OK for a beefy Wallaby to stare down a bunch of powerfully built Kiwis as they launch into a ferocious, blood-curdling haka. Hold on! Who said okay was formal? I get the point though, OK or O. So when I was chatting with amazon customer support, I took the guy who spoke to me very rude.

I do not feel that it was wrong of me to think that, because not that many people say it. Even if so, the guy on the line chatting with me did not respond in a way how customer supporter does. Anyone else who read these books ever notice that? Heh, habits. But for O. K, I need to do a bit more research, since believe it or not I never knew you could write it like that.

I mean I did see it, but you know adults these days. Cheers :. That is basically it, even Oxford dictionary does not have a better description other then examples. It is also used to say acceptable, in a way not expressing agreement or acceptance of a proposal. Do you like kidney beans? Kidney beans are OK, vs Kidney beans are fantastic! I am in the military and have never heard that — if that helps. Or if are you referring to non-U.

If anyone has any ideas of the correct format or when to use which form, please reply to this comment. Texting has been a real word for years. Does anyone have any ideas why? English makes little sense. I agree. Somewhere along the line it was randomly decided by a few simps that to spell out the letters is fancier, more formal, etc. An acronym in past tense should be written with an apostrophe d. Practically speaking, all or any of them would be considered slang in an academic paper. Just avoid the usage entirely! Who introduced this spelling as its unacceptable.

A question mark is also required. This is a site concerning grammar, which includes spelling, sentence structure, and word usage. With no due respect, you are both wrong and rude. And… come to think of it… Oklahoma is merely OK; nothing more, nothing less. Of course, I also change OK to Okay for works at my publisher. So do the other editors. Somebody recently told me that O. The phrase migrated all over the world, because French is so beautiful and mysterious, and people tend to feel better about themselves when they utter even its short phrases. I like your explanation best, OneReckoning.

I do feel better when I share the French origin. American abbreviation of oll korrect, a jocular misspeling of all correct. Perspicacity is shrewdness. Perspicuity, which you misspelled, means clearness or preciseness of speech. Practice vs. Canceled vs. Center vs.

Alumna, alumnae, alumni, alumnus. Affect vs. Learned vs. Its vs. Realise vs. Gray vs. Favorite vs. Adviser vs. Than vs. Fish vs. Comments Richard Costello says. February 3, at pm. Origins of OK — I believe it came from the morse code off or acknowledgement. Matt Seeman says. March 21, at pm. Birdman says. May 15, at pm. Akansha says. September 28, at am. Sa-Mac says. January 5, at am. I was talking with Amazon customer support, and most of them chatting are Indian.

Please do not mind my comments. Alex Stevenson says. June 16, at pm. October 26, at pm. It is used to express agreement or acceptances. November 23, at pm. Chico Gonzalez says. October 29, at am. S says. October 29, at pm. Nick Dow says. October 10, at pm.

Russell King says. November 24, at am. Make-Today-A-Happy-Day says. December 28, at pm. Weston O'Connor says. December 14, at pm. Stuart Filson says. July 3, at am. December 11, at pm. Dane Udenberg says.

Okay or okey

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