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In July, my friend Bekah not her real name calls to announce her engagement. I am shocked by the news. A few weeks into their relationship, Bekah texted me a photo of Mike in striped jeans and a leather vest with nothing underneath. He reminded me of Captain Jack Sparrow. She sent another picture, the two of them in motorcycle jackets, posed in front of an Easy Rider —style bike.

Before Mike, Bekah dated a doctor she met on eHarmony. The site matched them through a personality test. Their first date was at a wine bar. It went well. Are you on birth control? Have you ever had an abnormal pap smear? Two weeks later, Bekah met a new guy online. She decided to Skype with him to avoid the possibility of a wasted Friday evening. He took me to tea. What a cheapskate. Bekah gave up hope of meeting a normal guy through a dating site. She stopped looking for something serious. One night, out of boredom, she typed the physical characteristics of her ideal man into Match.

A guy named Christian not his real name popped up. She viewed his profile. He sent her an electronic wink. She winked back. They Skyped. Two days later, they went to a tapas bar. At the end of the night, they exchanged a kiss. In eight months, Bekah and Christian are getting married. She has already purchased her wedding gown and booked a reception hall. Dressed in a pink blouse over a frumpy maxi dress, Rebecca looks nothing like her online images.

When she started internet dating, she was a year-old college student living in Mobile, Alabama. She ed up with the site Christian Mingle, hoping to find like-minded, faith-based men. I was asked by one man to have phone sex with him, and he asked if I could be loud during it. I was a young, Southern, Alabama girl looking for a relationship. I learned quickly that maybe one out of 50 guys on there really wanted to get to know me.

Because of that, I deleted my within 24 hours. The following morning, when she checked her , she discovered one last Christian Mingle message. It was from a year-old named Chris not his real name , who lived in Corona, California. He said he wanted to get to know me better. I thought it was cool that he lived in California. Charmed, Rebecca talked to Chris through Yahoo messenger. They soon exchanged phone s and began to speak daily. Within two months, they were in a long-distance romance.

Despite never having met, they discussed marriage. My dad was totally creeped out. How do you know you love him? Rebecca was convinced he was the man with whom she wanted to spend the rest of her life. A month later, on the final day of her sophomore year in college, she dropped out of school and caught a flight to California in order to be closer to Chris. When I flew to California, it was my first time on an airplane. If you want, you can meet me for lunch before I leave. My mom was sad. They thought it was insane. Rebecca arrived in Corona on May 1. By July 4, she realized that Chris had portrayed himself one way over the internet when, in reality, he was a completely different person.

It was the first time I had been in love After six months, Rebecca moved back to Alabama to live with her parents. She swore off online dating. But she soon grew bored and returned to California. In January , she moved to San Diego.

She ed up for dating s with OkCupid and Plenty of Fish. Within a week of living in San Diego, she met a personal trainer on OkCupid. They began a five-month relationship. I thought he was hot. She liked him immediately. They began to date exclusively. When she discovered, five months later, that he was cheating on her with his high-school sweetheart, Rebecca broke up with him. I had a guy lie about his entire identity. We started talking because I thought his profile photo was cute. He claimed he lived in La Jolla. The man started sending Rebecca photos.

He sent her a penis picture. They had phone sex a few times. Also, he lived in New York, not La Jolla. He sent me a pic of what he really looks like. He is not attractive. I am surprised at the ease with which she accepts this. It makes me feel powerful. I have dates every night of the week. I leave Wednesday night open, just in case I want to go on a second date with one of them.

Rebecca says that, most evenings, someone buys her dinner, a different guy every time. I had a Navy guy come over to my place. Less than 20 minutes later, he was begging me for sex. He almost cried when I said no. The most promising one is an ugly guy. All the others are just looking to bone me. No one on these dating sites is really looking for a relationship.

That has been my experience. Rebecca says that tonight she has her choice between the ugly, sweet guy and a new date. Both are waiting to hear whether she will be ing them for dinner. I usually message three different guys. Someone always gets back to me. Rebecca has never gone out with anyone outside of internet dating. My year-old coworker says she wishes she did what I am doing now when she was my age.

Carlos is attractive, fit, and could pass for late 30s. He is I recently spoke to a woman who had 12, views after just two days on Match. She had multiple photos on her profile. It was questionable how recent they were, but I decided to be open-minded. She said she was When she showed up she looked closer to I want to be realistic. I am looking for a relationship, not just a hook-up. I have my age preference set at 37—

Ok cupid san diego

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A study that is new of in OkCupid messaging discovers a small amount of hope in a ocean of mainly same-race interactions