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Node by Slush. Soaked by Slush. Slush Helsinki. . Welcome to the Entrepreneurial Renaissance. Our stage program is all about providing concrete advice for founders and operators. Tony is Principal at Future Shape, an investment and advisory firm coaching deep tech startups. Throughout his career Tony has authored more than patents. With over 15 years experience building mobile and subscription businesses, Renate ed Tinder in to lead its European operations.

Renate ed Tinder from Hepace, where she built and led its first international product and marketing team. She ly spent four years at Apple, where she led the App Store subscription business in Europe. Renate is also the founder of Pleo, a human-centric app de studio, and was the first-ever Global Director of Mobile at Edelman. She is a Philosophy graduate from the University of Cambridge. Renate currently lives in Europe with her husband, whom she met on Tinder and her three stepkids. She loves food, her piano, and music, and can often be found hiking or Nordic skiing around the Alps.

He left these positions at the end of to become an entrepreneur, advisor, and angel investor. Peter holds an M. Luciana Lixandru is Partner at Sequoia, where she focuses on enterprise and consumer technology companies across Europe.

Luciana works closely with companies like Xentral and Getir, and is passionate about helping founders at all stages to unlock their potential and think on a global scale. She has also held positions at Summit Partners and Morgan Stanley. Luciana holds a B. Founded in , Checkout. Originally from Switzerland, Guillaume has since lived all over the world while driving Checkout. Sarah Wang is Partner at Andreessen Horowitz where she focuses on late stage venture investments across enterprise, consumer, FinTech, and bio.

She holds a BA in Economics from Harvard. Sarah grew up in the midwest across North Dakota and Chicago. Through the Jennis CycleMapping programmes in the Jennis Fitness app — Jess is spearheading a drive to help women understand their hormones and how they can work with their bodies to achieve better health and fitness. Our aim is to empower women to become body literate. Jessica is a mother of two children. Sonali De Rycker is Partner at Accel. She ed the VC firm in and focuses on consumer especially marketplaces , next-generation financial services and software companies.

She also ly served on the board of Match. Jonathan Lai is Partner on the consumer investing team at Andreessen Horowitz where he focuses on games, crypto, and social. He started his career in investment banking for Morgan Stanley. At DeepMind, Lila oversees both technology and organizational infrastructure including Engineering, Operations, and People.

Lila is Co-founder and Chair of education technology non-profit Team4Tech. She has ly served on the Board of Gannett, helping it become the largest US print media company. Arvind Gupta is Partner at Mayfield. Arvind is a BASE jumper and big wall climber, and now fights submission grappling. Arvind holds 8 patents and is married to an Icelander and has two daughters.

Originally from Boston, Sujata resides in London. Even so, she remains an avid Boston sports fan. Nicolas Julia is Co-founder and CEO of Sorare, the fantasy football platform building a revolutionary gaming experience that sets a new standard for how fans worldwide connect to the clubs and players they love. Born in the Midwest and based in Silicon Valley, Christina Cacioppo sits at the intersection of security, tech, and business. After starting her career in early stage VC at Union Square Ventures, Christina went on to lead product management for Dropbox Paper, bringing the product to market.

With Vanta, the Y Combinator alum is pioneering a continuous, automated approach to security monitoring. In her spare time, she re books, runs with no destination, and cooks Sunday dinners for friends. Their mission is to de and develop intelligent technologies for movement. Einride has worked with several companies such as Coca-Cola, Oatly, Lidl and Electrolux, helping them switch to sustainable transport.

Long fascinated by neuroscience, flow states, and mental fitness, Michael is passionate about spreading meditation as a simple yet valuable skill around the world. Nazim Salur is Founder of Getir, a rapid delivery service company that distributes over 1, everyday items within minutes. With an established status in Turkey, where the company trends towards a super-app, and a London launch behind it, Getir has further European and US expansion on the horizon. Prior to Getir, Nazim launched his first tech startup in , BiTaksi, which brought people taxis in three minutes. April has received honors from the American Psychiatric Association and has been featured in numerous news outlets such as Forbes 30 under She is also a Yale Entrepreneurial Institute Fellow.

Bucky is Partner at Kleiner Perkins, where he focuses on software and infrastructure investments. Bucky holds a B. Sophia is Partner at Cherry Ventures. Sophia is based in Stockholm, where she brings her expertise in the Nordics, femtech, and marketing to the Cherry network. As a passionate advocate for diversity, Sophia also works to enhance diversity and inclusion across European tech.

She helped launch the company in 56 markets. At the time, Sophia began shifting to VC and also began angel investing, having now over 45 companies in her portfolio. Eventually she ed Atomico, where she created their angel program. Quinn Slack is Co-founder and CEO of Sourcegraph, the company pioneering universal code search for dev teams and making coding more accessible to more people. Eileen Burbidge is Partner at Passion Capital, the pre-eminent early-stage technology venture fund based in London. She brings extensive operational experience to her investment activities gleaned from business and product roles at Yahoo!

Eileen is also a member of the board of Dixons Carphone. Andrew Reed is Partner at Sequoia, where he focuses on product and de-driven software and consumer companies around the world. Andrew has graduated from Amherst College with distinction as a Bachelor of Arts.

Slush has grown into the largest single gathering of venture capital in the world — 1, investors ranging from VCs to angels, CVCs, and LPs, all looking for the next big thing. Our actions over the next decade will determine the course of humanity for generations to come. Entrepreneurs building scalable solutions will be at the core of creating the solutions that will make that future a bright one.

To fully harness the power of young companies in pursuit of progress, we need to reimagine what entrepreneurship is. For the past two decades, our ability to create meaningful change through technology has been on the decline. We invest more and receive less. Our continued progress as a species depends on us reversing this trend. We call this the Entrepreneurial Renaissance. The three-men-in-a-garage epitome is a thing of the past. The next wave of groundbreaking companies will be built by founders that represent the full extent of human heterogeneity.

After all, people tend to solve problems they themselves face. Change and progress are not synonymous. While change is inevitable and erratic, true progress is deliberate and disciplined. Our key failure over the past two decades has been discerning between the two. In addition, we need every young company to optimize not just for financial gain, but to acknowledge its responsibility towards employees, society, and the planet alike. Nuclear fusion, quantum computing, and general AI have been almost here forever. Going forward, we all need to be reminded of why startups exist in the first place; to take extraordinary risks that, if successful, change the future beyond recognition.

Slush — Dec Program Speakers Why attend? Why attend? Startups The most founder-focused event in the world. Investors Europe's largest gathering of venture capital. Attendees Experience the forefront of entrepreneurship. Volunteers Go behind the scenes. Partners Partner up with the next wave of entrepreneurs.

Nordic mega matchmaking

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