Nobody wants to be lonely on San Francisco California

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Good morning, Bay Area. Gorin — and thousands like her across the Bay Area — have become part of a tragic club that welcomes new members every year, each annual class counseling the next on the shock, the sadness, anger, frustration and bureaucracy that will follow.

Those who lost everything in the Tubbs and Nuns fires were there for the Camp Fire survivors from Paradise a year later. And the Paradise folks are now reaching out to those suffering loss. More than 1, homes have been destroyed in the fires around Bay Area over the past few weeks.

Jill Tucker reports on how Gorin and others are offering their support. And another heat wave is in the forecast for Labor Day. After weeks of staggered opening and closing, seven Bay Area counties — Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Mateo, Solano, Sonoma and Santa Clara — reopened indoor malls, hair salons and barbershops with limited capacity, after a change in state coronavirus rules on Friday allowed them to do so.

Alameda County also gave the OK for malls, but not indoor salons. Local health officials have emphasized the importance of a phased approach in reopening the economy, considering that the move raises the risk of increased coronavirus infections. Rusty Simmons and Shwanika Narayan report on what some hopeful Bay Area mall shoppers were looking for on the first day. A bill to prevent evictions that could otherwise this week is approved by the Legislature on the final day of its session. The measure would grant tenants who have lost income because of the pandemic a reprieve on missed rent and five months grace period before they must pay again in full.

The answers can be confusing, especially when it comes to schools, playgrounds and anything else related to kids, Heather Knight writes. This year is expected to be worse. From front-of-house safety protocols to employees juggling roles, running a restaurant now means adapting to the times. and listen here. Most Popular. Nielsen was considered not exposed to the infected lawmaker and participated in votes at the Capitol. Paul Kitagaki Jr. Prubechu has strict policies in place when it comes to health and safety, amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Customers must fill out a health declaration, contact tracing form and have their temperature checked, among other rules, before entering the outdoor seating area. Top of the News. Lake Tahoe falls to alarmingly low level — environmental impacts could You have three weeks to fix that.

Nobody wants to be lonely on San Francisco California

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