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USAHS focuses on providing the best and more appropriate academic and financial aid counseling throughout the admissions process. Whether applying to a first-professional, campus based program or a post-professional distance program, an ased Enrollment Advisor is available to assist you from application to acceptance. In many hospitals and long-term care facilities, newly hired nurses are asked to work the night shift. While a few true night owls prefer this schedule, working through the night is challenging for most nurses.

You mightfind yourself spending a chunk of your time off recovering from your time on. But there are ways you can work the night shift and stay healthy—and caring for your own health will help you care more effectively for others. Try our 12 tips. That way, your body can get used to one schedule and is not always in adaptation mode. One study found that nurses who worked rotating shifts—a group of night shifts followed by day shifts—reported lower job satisfaction, reduced quality and quantity of sleep, and more frequent fatigue.

They were also higher risk for developing psychological and cardiovascular symptoms. However, this may not be practical for everyone. If you want to return to a more normal schedule after your last night shift of the week, try going to sleep in the morning—but get up in the early afternoon and stay active until a more normal bedtime. Take power naps during the next couple days. Then on your last free evening, stay up as late as possible, sleep in, and maybe even take a long nap before your first shift. Consider using a time-management strategy to create a schedule for other aspects of your daily life.

You can plan out the best time for self-care activities like exercising, yoga, meditation, and napping, as well as household tasks such as cooking and cleaning. Try to find a daily meal you can share with family members so you stay connected even during the days you work. This can help you avoid shift work sleep disorder, a common circadian rhythm problem that can cause both insomnia and excessive sleepiness in those who work the night shift. Using blackout curtains, wearing an eye mask, running a white noise machine or app, and avoiding the use of electronic devices before bed can help ensure you get restful sleep.

Chronic loss of sleep has serious health implications for health, productivity, and safety. Most of us rely on a certain amount of caffeine to wake up and stay productive. Caffeine can improve memory, mood, and physical performance. For that reason, consider avoiding energy drinks that are high in sugar and caffeine. While these will give you a temporary boost, studies show an association with negative health effects , including elevated stress levels, higher blood pressure, increased risk of obesity, and poor-quality sleep.

Of course, be mindful of how close to your bedtime you consume caffeine. Prepping your meals and snacks ahead can not only save you time and money—it also gives you more control over what you eat. The ideal lunch includes some protein, along with greens or other vegetables. For snacks, instead of sugary items that will give you a short-term boost followed by a crash, go for healthier choices like whole fruit, trail mix, or a high-protein energy bar. Night shift workers should also consider supplementing with vitamin D, as reduced sun exposure can lead to deficiency.

Coupled with eating healthy, staying hydrated will help keep you energized and alert. Avoid sugary sodas and fruit juices, which will make your blood sugar spike and then crash. Drinking enough water helps to regulate body temperature, prevent infections, deliver nutrients to cells, and keep organs functioning properly.

Taking well-timed naps during a shift can help night workers increase alertness and reduce the risk of making errors. A well-rounded exercise program that includes cardio, strength, and flexibility training can reduce your risk of developing heart disease and other chronic health conditions, help you maintain a healthy weight, and improve your mood and cognitive functioning.

Proactively working to think more positively and engaging in activities that make you laugh can help relieve stress. That can include meditation, writing in a dream journal, working out, yoga, or whatever helps you feel centered and ready to take on your shift. At first, adjusting to night shift work can be challenging. Finding a mentor , co-worker, or friend who can offer advice or will simply listen to your concerns can be invaluable. It might also help you to develop your own philosophy of nursing , so you can fall back on this in tough times.

The University of St. The MSN has several options to accelerate your time to degree completion. Complete coursework when and where you want—and earn your advanced nursing degree while keeping your work and life in balance. Health Administration MHA. Augustine, FL General Inquiries: Media Inquiries: Fax: Registrations: Details here. Search this website. Request Information Apply Now. Cluster night shifts together. Stick to a routine. Get your household on board. Practice good sleep hygiene. Prioritize sleep.

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Night shift jobs miami fl

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How to Work the Night Shift and Stay Healthy: 12 Tips