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New China king is pick up or delivery only right now but still great food as always! Fantastically huge portions for the large family I have at phenomenally low prices. I personally love the shrimp dishes! I have been ordering food from this establishment for over five years on and off. The quality of the food has gotten cheaper over time and cutting corners have been made. I usually pick up my food but to save time I chose to order online.

Good luck on what you get but mine was not good just like the customer service. My entire experience was harshly negative. Had the food been something to talk about I probably could have tolerated the rudeness. This place is crossed off the list forever. Every time I order I get enough food for two to two-and-a-half servings. For the price I don't see why you would go anywhere else if you're looking for this style food and the best deal around. On top of that they even deliver to my door usually within 20 minutes from when I call.

Best take out Chinese in Ardmore and the owner calls everyone "my friend" and we often get free egg rolls or something. Friendly people great food. Their food has always been great. Never a problem and very courteous. Ordered a large quantity for party, was excellent and delicious. Freshly made Chinese Cuisine, fresh veggies, fresh meats and your choice of fried rice or steamed rice. Order the spicy dishes at a medium-hot level or just ask for extra spicy sauce on the side. Small but very Clean restaurant.

Friendly waitress and staff! Great service, made fresh, they take extra time to package it up to stay hot, but not burn you. The food is very good, over all great value. One of the best places for traditional American Chinese food in Ardmore.

They have the best crab rangoon and shrimp with garlic sauce. It was wonderful. Sesame chicken and low main. I mixed together and it was just what I have been wanting. I give it 5 stars. I love the crew here, always take good care of me. Don't let the look of the buildings interior fool you, they make some very fine food. Had read reviews for another restaurant and they recommended new China King for fresh authentic Chinese. They were right. I had hot n sour soup. They did it perfect: no extra tofu or veggies that take away from flavors of that soup.

I also had pork and veggie combo. Fresh veggies lots of variety and large serving of pork slices. My husband ordered pork fried rice and loved it. He asked for red sauce on side and no problem. We ate in and they brought food to us.

Mostly take out but do have tables to eat in. Loved the flavors. I ordered beef and pea pods and got a call on the way there that they had no pea pods, why didn't they say that when I ordered, ended up with mushrooms but meat was tough and fried rice was dry. I was told this was the best place in town so I hope it was just a bad night. Servings on 1 dinner feeds Burbon Chicken with extra veggies and white rice.

Great take out place. Affordable prices and good food. You can eat in the lobby but no waitresses. The food is great. I ate once at the other Chinese in the parking lot and got sick. This one is great! Fave Chinese food restaurant in Ardmore, almost the only one we prefer anymore Angel is so sweet and knows what we want and always asks about our family who also frequent New China I had the broccoli shrimp and General Tso's chicken.

The broccoli was cooked perfectly, fresh shrimp was used, and it wasn't overly saucy that it made everything else soggy. The chicken had a light crunchy coating and the sauce had a nice hint of pepper, garlic and sweetness. The pork fried rice couldn't have been fresher: fluffy, not greasy, and the char siu pork was tender. If I had any gripe it would be the chicken was overly-sauced, but that's nitpicky.

The staff's attention to detail was superb not only in their food but also in noticing their customers' eating habits, as they offered me hot chili sauce when they saw me putting spicy mustard on my food. Quality, value, friendly staff - I'm definitely returning, and encourage others to visit.

I eat here quite often, usually a to-go order. Should be 4, use to be 5. Still Best around and very good. The youngest girl needs to brush up on understanding the menu converted to English, specially if on custom orders. Nothing to stop me from going, I'll be back. Good place for fresh cooked food. Not buffet! Easy special order too! Fast service.

I 'll be back! Great food and fast service. Customer service is good, just needs to learn to understand English better. Reminds me of portions in Philippines, Vietnam and Korea, always plenty. After ordering for so many years from this restaurant; I called today and ordered my usual. I don't eat the pork, and I stead would have to eat white rice. You have just lost a customer This guy needs proper customer service etiquette,. Not impressed!

Off the top of my head, worst place to eat Chinese. Lets see first the staff was rude maybe because they don't know how to be courteous in America or whatever. They are not costumer oriented. The soup was not soup. You don't make soup with gelatin thingy. A soup is supposed to have broth in it. There was no broth in my egg drop soup just egg and some liquid I've never seen.

I ordered a beef chopsuey, chicken garlic and prawns of some kind. All had the same veggies in it and that jelly like liquid again. The chopsuey was not a chopsuey at all. Which kind of crazy person serves chopsuey with rice? And there were not homemade crispy noodles in it.

Never gonna go back. Should have left after they had served soup. Best made to order in town!!! Hands down. Consistently tasty! The only Chinese I will eat and worth leaving the highway to try!! I love the food Big Portion Size Good quality food Reasonably priced I prefer all you can eat The only fast food Chinese Restaurant in Ardmore and it is great.

Workers are very polite and the cost of food is reasonable also. You can dine in or call in and carry out and there are daily specials posted. It has big portions but the quality of the food is very low. I threw almost all of it to the dog. The rice tasted like it was almost a day old, almost dried out. I can't recommend eating here unless you just want a large quantity of food at a low price.

Good place to grab Chinese food. Get it to go though because it's always way hot in the summer or freezing in the winter. It's freezing in the winter and burning up in the summer. It's only got about 5 tables so the majority of people do take out, and I can see why. It's a family-run business so at times the employee who takes the order can't speak very good English. They also don't have fountain drinks but a cooler with canned soda and water bottles.

The only Chinese place in town that my husband and I will eat! Always fast and friendly customer service and they food is always hot and fresh!!! The absolute best Chinese food in Ardmore! I haven't had better Mongolian Beef anywhere in the state! Expired ingredients,addled chicken wings,recommended that the Health Bureau thoroughInvestigation! I just called I ask there is a buffet, the guy who picked up the call is an idiot.!!. Rude and No manners in Talking to possible customers.. All organizations All cities.

New china king ardmore ok

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