Needing some dirty fun

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No matter how much you love your partner, no matter how great you think your relationship is, it can sometimes feel a little But there's no shame in that; it's something that happens naturally and you may have to put in some extra effort to make your relationship fun again.

If you prioritize and focus on getting the spark back, it certainly can be fixed. It's easy to think that a relationship should naturally be at percent excitement levels at all time — that if you're really compatible then it will be non-stop fireworks without any work. But that's just not true. But, it can be fun and doesn't need to feel like work! So if you feel like your relationship needs a little boost of fun, don't panic about it.

Here's what you should try. Surprising each other is an easy way to make things feel more fun. Bring back the spontaneity," dating coach Shawnda Patterson tells Bustle. My girlfriend and I regularly swap who plans date night and we don't tell the other one what we're doing until the day. It's not hard to do, but it still manages keeps things a little more exciting then going to the same restaurant every Friday. It can be fun to try something completely different with your partner, so go ice skating, rock climbing, or try a sushi-making class.

And if you're terrible at it? All the more fun — you can laugh through it together. Just be careful how you breach it with your partner. Sarah Williams. If you want to really have fun with your partner, you need to connect with them — and that means putting the phone away. So make an agreement to put the phones to one side and really focus on each other. You may just remember why you fell in love with them in the first place if you stop mindlessly scrolling. So make sure you keep the flirting going. Send sexy text messages, kiss more, compliment each other, and inject some of that fun back in that came so easily when you were first together.

It may feel awkward at first, but try your best to start flirting again. Sometimes it's fun just to be totally goofy with each other. My girlfriend and I spend around 99 percent of our time alone acting like idiots, and I love it. If you really feel stuck in a rut, don't be afraid to change your scenery — it's an easy change that can do a lot of good.

You don't need to hop on a plane across the world although that sounds like fun , even going to a new town or a new restaurant can trigger a change. If you have trouble coming up with fun things to do on any given day, then coming up with a big list with your partner will give you something to refer back to. Relationships don't have to be a constant rollercoaster — and you should definitely enjoy some quiet moments with your partner — but it should still be fun.

Keeping relationships feeling exciting takes a bit of effort sometimes, but know that it'll be well worth it. By Lea Rose Emery. See All Health Relationships Self.

Needing some dirty fun

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