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When I re-entered the dating scene, I began thinking about places where you could meet singles. Of course, online dating was the first thing that came to mind and the first thing suggested to me. But prior to that, I was making a list of many other potential places to meet women over fifty. I owe that to my background in marketing in which you never rely on one method or one media to find your customers.

You start with a profile of your ideal customer— for dating purposes, my ideal partner —and then find out where they are. Finally, you use every avenue available to reach them. An article on after So men, try to switch things up a bit and do some of the things that women like to do. Always follow your own interests. Be adventurous and have fun! As the name implies, you simply get together in person with people who share a common interest. For instance, here are two meetups for singles over Check out the Related Topics red arrow to find even more groups pertaining to singles over sixty or any other interest.

Use meetup. There is no shortage of places to volunteer wherever you live and whatever your interests. This is pure adventure. There are plenty of travel groups for mature singles. You can find groups based on travel destination, sports, cultural activities, and educational trips.

Pick one that appeals to you. Do a Google search for places to dance near you. There are singles cruises available that cater to various age groups. Take an extended cruise around the world or a river cruise on the European rivers. Take a college class in a field that interests you. Learn a new technology, computers, language. You name it, you can learn about it. These can be huge events with lots of social activities.

Today they had 9 events and 15 more listed for the coming weekend. You can certainly meet a LOT of people with similar interests at your favorite sporting event, if sports happens to be your interest. And remember, there can be consequences to having a relationship at work. Policy might even prohibit it. Proceed with caution. These places usually have full time activity directors who create more events than you would ever want to attend.

Shopping malls often have events that cater to mature singles and other special interests. Just go! Whole Foods even had a singles night at some stores. Your lifetime of experience from work, hobbies, and other interests, is valuable to more people than you might realize. Start going to them. Even very small towns have lots of activities and you might see something new of interest, close to home. Not my favorite place to meet people.

Your chances of meeting someone with an addiction are certainly higher in drinking establishments. The Y offers an incredible array of scheduled group activities. Plus they have lots of social events, often in great locations. You have a lifetime of valuable experience. Local community colleges and other organizations are always looking for teachers, coaches, and mentors.

If you need extra credits to qualify, then do that first. Being part of a theater production is a fantastic way to get to know people in your community. Nor do you have to act. Theater groups need help behind the scenes with lighting, sound, production, makeup, scenery, carpentry, electrical, and more. There are countless seminars available every day, everywhere. Make it more of a side gig than a full-fledged business.

Check out the local events listed on Facebook. There are typically dozens of special interest groups that run local events with fan s on Facebook. But instead of dismissing them, plan to attend to see who you can meet. And if you like this article, share it with your single friends who are searching for places where you can meet singles over 60!

Thanks for reading Linda! Yes, wherever your hobbies take you is a great place to meet people. I was on two different dating sites, I received a lot of likes. I let a guy call me and on the first call he wanted me to do sexting. I was shocked that was even asked of me. They just looked at my profile picture. What a waste of money the dating sites are. At least for me. I had the same kinds of things happen.

But there are plenty of good guys on the dating sites. You need to sift through the clunkers to find the good guys. Their recommendations are often way off. I have never used a dating site. Would love to meet someone for companionship and exploring most anything. I am a senior, retired after years in both the military and business community.

Am in good health, have a sound education, and financial security. Divorced for many years, three grown children with families. Thanks for commenting and sharing a bit about yourself, John. Hi my name is Ted getting out of a40 year relaitionship would like to meet someone just to talk to your information was very helpful any feedback back would be helpful tried dating got flooded with profiles thank you. Best of luck in your search for the right partner, Ted!

Patience, persistence and a smart dating game plan will lead you to them. Take some time to look through the other how-to articles here on our blog. Thanks for your 2 comments, Ted. Maybe someone reading this post will reach out here and connect with you. Good luck with dating! Best, Daisy. I live in Florida and we have great sunsets not so much woods. Im a senior. Retired 5 years and divorce 6 years. Would love to meet the man for the next chapter of my life. Maryann, I hope you get responses to your comment from men looking for someone just like you.

Good luck! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Don't miss a single Smart Dating article by Daisy and Cosmo. our dating advice newsletter here Terms of Use. Privacy Policy. Comments Would love to meet likewise people. Me too Linda.. I live in Ohio, lots of nice golf courses. Thanks for commenting, Linda. I am black female over 60 looking to meet others for travel on other things to do.

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N y granny dating

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