My wife made me her sex slave

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I recently returned from a twelve day trip overseas. During the first few days, I was doing okay without her, distracting by the busyness and exhaustion of travel. I closed my eyes and began to envision her slender body lying naked on our bed back home. I could see her pointy nipples hardened by desire and her smoothly shaved pussy begging to be chewed on. My hand reached into my jeans as I stroked my growing member. This continued for several days.

It was not good for me to be without my wife. One evening, about midway through the trip, I sent my wife some naughty text messages through WhatsApp. I told her how I wanted to see her naked body and to my surprise, an image popped up on my phone.

It was my wife. Had she actually sent me a naked photo? There was the look of carnal desire on her face. As I sat there in the dark apartment, stroking my dick, more and more images came across my phone. She had caught me in her net of desire, as I looked at her perfectly shaped ass, her green eyes with tongue sticking out, and her tits pushed together. She pulled out her Hitachi magic wand vibrator and pleasured herself, sending me photos of the process.

My dick quivered with anticipation. We began to explore the world of sexting. Over the next few days, my hot wife continued to send me photos. She would dress in different outfits, always alluring me with her eyes and always making my dick strain against my jeans. She was a naughty chef. Another time she posed as a mischievous secretary, holding out her tits for me to lick.

I was in love and filled with lust for this woman. During this trip, I came across MarriageHeat. I read a few articles and knew that I had to share them with my wife. One particular story had to do with a man whose wife took on the role of a dominatrix. I imagined my wife dressed in a black pencil skirt, black harness top, and heels.

She forced me to my knees, propped up one leg and demanded that I chew on her pussy. The story was hot and my dick responded, filled with desire to see this fantasy come true. I sent my wife the link to the site and went to bed.

Over the next few days, I continued to receive photos from my wife over WhatsApp. Something changed though. She began to act differently…almost bossy. She called me a naughty boy and began to send me messages about punishing me when I got home. Strangely enough, her talk began to fill me with desire. Two days before the trip ended, something changed with my wife. My phone buzzed, notifying me that there was a new message from her. I unlocked my phone and went to read the message. There was no text! Instead, it was an audio message. I hit play and put it up to my ear.

In the background, I heard a low humming. It was her Hitachi Magic Wand. Then I heard the moans of delight. My dick grew erect in moments as I was transported to the scene of my wife masturbating back home. I quickly pulled my shirt down over the massive bulge in my jeans. She was tempting me. After the stream of audio messages, she sent me a few articles from MarriageHeat. They were kinky articles, along the same theme as the ones I had ly shared with her. I fantasized her with each of those titles. I am the one in charge here. Have I made myself clear?

My dick twitched. From the other side of the world, that message sealed the deal. She would now be my queen. Click on a heart to thank the author of this story! Vote count:. No votes so far! Be the first to rate this post. We are sorry that this post was not one of your favorites! I have thought about playing dominate with my husband. Kinda puts a tingle in my cunt just thinking about it.

God bless and stay horny always. I'm not married or anything but honestly i've been all that fond of BDSM but this was a good read nonetheless. Might change my sometimes stubborn mind. Sounds like both of you are in sync with your desires!

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My wife made me her sex slave

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My Husband’s New Wife Made Me Her Personal Sex Slave!