My wife erotic massage

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I found a male erotic masseur for my wife, Tina, and booked in with him. He had a hotel room that we both went to. We had discussed before what our limits were. I would sit and watch and he could touch my wife and finger her and she could suck his cock but that was it for this time, though we had talked about letting him fuck her next time if she liked him.

I had spoken to the masseur and told him what my wife liked. That she liked deep massages and being dominated. My wife was nervous when we got there but the masseur seemed friendly. He asked my wife to strip off so she stripped off naked and lay face down on the massage table with a towel covering her lower half. The masseur was wearing just boxer shorts and was a big, strong looking guy. He told her to relax and started massaging her shoulders, then her back. Tina quickly relaxed as his firm touch eased her muscles. I could tell she was enjoying the massage and started to sigh when he touched her in a way she liked as his hands went down the sides of her body, touching her exposed side breasts and going all the down and under the towel, massaging her ass.

He took the towel off her and she was completely naked. He massaged her legs, then slowly massaged her feet and toes then worked his way back up. He massaged the inside of her thighs then up and spread her ass cheeks apart as he massaged her ass. I could see she was wet and really getting into it. She lifted her ass up a bit, pushing into his hand and hoping he would reach round and touch her throbbing pussy. He took his boxers off at this point and was semi erect. He had a big cock. He got on the massage table and kneeled over her with his cock on her ass.

He started massaging her shoulders again. Harder this time. His cock was growing and I could see my wife was wet and excited. I could see how much she wanted him. He told her to turn over and she lay on her back. He stroked her face and lips and she sucked his fingers. He started massaging her again, from the shoulders down, massaging her breasts and playing with her nipples at the same time. She moaned and he moved his hand down and started rubbing her pussy at the same time as playing with her tit. I could hear how wet my wife was as he rubbed her.

He slid a finger in and started fingering her slowly. I was rock hard by now and undid my jeans and got my cock out. Watching her was so hot. He slid two fingers inside her, then three. Fucking her with his fingers slowly at first, then building up speed. She was moaning louder now, looking into my eyes with such lust.

I was wanking as he started rubbing her clit, in just the way she liked as she looked to be in heaven. She looked away from me and down at his cock. It was rock hard by now and looked big. When she looked back at me I could tell she wanted his cock.

Wanted to feel it. Wanted to make him cum. He squeezed her tit hard as he rubbed her clit, then put his hand round her throat and squeezed lightly. This sent her over the edge. She came hard, shaking and moaning loudly.

He gave her a coupled of seconds then he pulled her towards him and took her to the bed. She was facing me and she looked at me all the time she was licking his cock. She took him in her mouth and started sucking him slowly, still staring at me. She took more and more of his cock, started going faster, wanking him at the same time. I could see how much she was loving it. He pulled her hair and pushed her head down. He knew she was a slut to be abused.

She took as much of him as she could into her mouth but he was big. She was so horny. She wanted to cum again. She wanted to feel his big cock stretching her and pushing deep inside her She was dripping wet at the thought. She licked around his cock then looked up at him. She looked a bit took back but she wanted him so much. I need you inside me. He pulled her hair back and slapped her round the face with his cock, rubbing it over her face. I want him to fuck me.

I want to feel that cock stretch me and fill me up. I looked at him and nodded and he flipped her over and got on top of her. He slid in to her slowly, inch by inch till he was all the way in, then he fucked her slowly at first, long deep thrusts and she pushed back into him, trying to get him to fill her up all the way. She looked over at me, then her head rocked back as he thrust inside her.

She needed no encouragement and grabbed his ass and pulled him into her. He fucked her hard and deep and fast, she was getting so close to cumming. He leaned down and bit her, then stuck a finger in her ass. My filthy wife was in heaven.

Getting fucked in front of me and loving it. Being used and abused like the slut she was. She came harder than ever, gushing over his cock. She shook and moaned as he was deep inside her. He fucked her harder now, crazed and wanting to fill her up. He looked at her and put his hand round her throat and choked her, a bit harder this time, while fucking her even harder. I watched on as my wife gave up to him and expected to feel his load fill up her pussy but he pulled his cock out and wanked himself over her tits, shooting load after load of thick cum over her tits.

She stared into his eyes as he emptied his load over her. My wife looked at me, my hard cock in my hand while she lay there, a dirty slut with another mans cum on her tits. I leaned down and kissed her, pushing my cock into her at the same time. She was dripping. I slid right in. All the way. I bit her then pulled her hair. I squeezed her tits and felt his cum all over them. I rubbed it into her tits, spread it round as I played with her nipples, then i rubbed it over her face.

She licked my fingers then sucked them clean. She looked so horny. I exploded, filling her up. I moaned so loud. It felt so good. I lay on her. Still inside her. Source: reddit. post. Next post. So sexy. post Blackmailing my wife P4. Part 1.

My wife erotic massage

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I took my wife to a male erotic massage therapist