My first sensual massage

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The relaxing music. The tender and caring touch of a masseuse near erogenous zones. The painfully pleasing release of built up tension and muscle soreness. Sixty to ninety minutes of covered touch, acupressure and stretching. In a sensual or erotic massage, the masseuse focuses not only on relieving tension in your neck, shoulders, back, and legs, but also on areas that lead to sexual excitation.

This includes the butt and genitals. In some erotic massages, the masseuse is naked and uses their body in the session. This can include mutual touch, body to body contact and masturbation. More on that later. Most of the time, the session ends with an orgasm. Sometimes two. Like everything in life, your experience may vary. I spent the day texting with Mike, my masseuse, around how this works.

I found Mike after a long search through massagem4m. I hoped to find someone professional, experienced and in business for themselves. There are sketchy options out there, and I felt morally obligated to avoid any erotic massage factories or prostitution. Mike is a year-old Mexican-American with beautiful mocha skin and dark curly hair tucked under a backward baseball hat. Originally from Los Angeles, Mike moved to San Francisco a few months ago to try a new city and set up shop out of his Tenderloin apartment.

Mike greets me at his door with an infectious and welcoming smile. I still have no idea what to expect, beyond the snippets from his reviews online. Mike le me to the back of the apartment and into his rooms. It smells of essential oil, and he has the heat turned up to a comfortable temperature. Mike has his massage table set up next to his platform bed. I take a deep breath and cautiously lay down on the massage table. He begins to massage my shoulders and like a true professional, asks if I have any injuries he should be aware of, or any particular focus areas he should consider.

I shake my head, and he begins to rub his oiled hands around my back and shoulders. Mike spends roughly twenty minutes going through a standard massage sequence. I feel more comfortable every minute. His hands are strong and smooth. His touch is firm and methodical.

I feel his body begin to press against mine and he lowers himself closer to my back. And then I feel it. His dick gently presses against my arm and finally at the palm of my hand. Mike moves his hands downward and begins to massage my thighs and butt. I turn my head and finally catch a glimpse of naked Mike. I return my head to the cushion and slowly place my hand around his dick. Throughout the massage, I occasionally return to stroking his dick — playing with his foreskin or touching his low hanging balls.

The focus remains on me, and his subtle body language makes that clear. Mike whispers for me to turn over and I roll onto my back. Throughout the massage, Mike maintains a great equilibrium of eroticism, pleasure, and release. He pays equal attention to all parts of me.

Occasionally he rests his body on top of mine and rubs his belly and chest back and forth, up and down. Without a doubt, this is the most erotic part of the session. Finally, he begins to jerk me off while massaging my legs and groin. I eventually have a powerful orgasm, and after cleaning my belly, Mike winds down the session with light caressing from my shoulders down to my feet. I shudder from the sensation. We both get dressed and make small talk. I expect it might be awkward, but Mike is an easy conversationalist and never breaks his constant level of professionalism.

He gives me a warm hug and welcomes be back anytime. Mike is an incredibly skilled masseuse, and he clearly enjoys his work. I could not have asked for a better first-time experience. Before you take the plunge and try an erotic massage — do your research. There is a lot of nastiness out there, but there are many resources online for finding self-employed professionals in your area.

Although I do have the benefit of being located in sex-and-queer-friendly San Francisco, a quick search yields quality in many parts of the United States and abroad. I am also in the business.. Mike sounds like he really knows what he is doing. I have a favor…a nitpicking favor. A masseuse is female…a masseur is male. It kinda makes a difference to us body-workers to get our gender correct. Thanks for sharing. Great ! Where can I find Mike? I need a great massage in SF from a normal guy and he sounds amazing. There is still a misconception out there that erotic massage is strictly for getting off when you are horny.

I am glad you found someone professional who gave you a positive experience. He does that for on a professional level too. My first time I was nervous too but it opened up a new world for me spiritually. It helps me on a deeper level than sexual release. It is abou connecting your body mind and spirit together and being able to let go of self judgement which we have so much of in the LGBTQ community.

It gave me the chance to simply exist as myself. I started getting an erotic massage tuneup in addition to the deep tissue more regularly and it has helped with a lot of my complex issues including depression. I discovered the erotic massage several years ago and find it really helps with the aging process. Spending as hour or so with a younger or older professional can make your life. The glow last for several day with me. I am now 71 and its is the only pleasure that I truly look forward to. As we get older, we tend to forget that there a wonderful caregivers out there that get off on making you happy and content.

This is close to spirituality as I have been. I had a great masseur in San Diego. I went to him for 8 years, and every time we got to together he would end the massage by running his tongue up my inner thighs until he hit my penis. Wow he was fantastic and the best kisser. He has since retired and moved to Minnesota and I still miss him. Although the quality of the writing in erotic novels has been questioned, erotic fiction s for a whopping 14 per cent of all books sold on the Play.

I recently had a tantric massage in NYC. Carla unbound his hands and pulled the hood of his head. Then he ed over a couple of thousand shares. Follow wellfellow. NSFW July 7, 5 minute read. Erotic massages are for sketchy beauty parlors with dim fluorescent lighting. My experience was entirely different. More than a happy ending In a sensual or erotic massage, the masseuse focuses not only on relieving tension in your neck, shoulders, back, and legs, but also on areas that lead to sexual excitation. The exciting stuff His dick gently presses against my arm and finally at the palm of my hand.

The rest Throughout the massage, Mike maintains a great equilibrium of eroticism, pleasure, and release. Have you had a gay erotic massage before? What was your experience like? Share Pin 3. You May also Like View Post. View Post.

My first sensual massage

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