My dating nightmares

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Like this one who has absolutely no idea what boundaries are! Bad dates make great stories and we teamed up with The Single Society to bring you all the hilarious debauchery the modern dating world has to offer. If you have a hilariously bad date story, share it here for a chance to be featured. I met Karl on Bumble right before NYC imposed quarantine restrictions and it was still acceptable to have unsocially distanced human contact.

Red flag numero uno was when Karl suggested that I meet him at his Washington Heights apartment which was quite the trek from my place for drinks on his balcony. We ended up at a lovely little bistro and I was able to wipe the slate clean after I saw that he was in fact 6 foot 4 just as his profile promised and even more attractive with a slight air of pompousness.

We got to chatting and Karl was the epitome of an NYC finance bro. Though Karl was very charming, like any finance bro he had the need to make it abundantly clear that he was loaded. We then moved on to a conversation about our prospective living situations; How long we have lived in our current neighborhood and where we see ourselves possibly living in the future.

I mentioned that I had recently purchased my apartment and was leasing out the second bedroom to a college friend. After several more drinks, Karl invited me back to his apartment to continue our fascinating conversation. We settled into his black leather sofa and after a quick nightcap, our little makeout session commenced.

There was a little heavy petting and my sweater might have come off tank top still on but we kept things relatively innocent nonetheless. He came back over to the couch and I couldn't help but laugh at the ridiculous sight before me. I made it clear that though we were making out fully clothed, mind you on his couch I don't know where he got the notion that I wanted to have sex, and suggested he put his clothes back on.

He came out of the bathroom donned in a purple bathrobe and switched on the TV. Log In Submit. Log In. Karl asked me to come to his place for the first date. One of my worst date stories was with a total finance douche. What is this?

Uber vagina? Via thesinglesociety. His only saving grace? He was 6 foot 4. Grab a bucket and a mop! He immediately started bragging about how rich he was. OKKK bruh. This revelation clearly challenged his finance bro animalistic instincts. Karl was boring, but hot AF. I decided I would go back to his and make out. OK, bro, you're loaded. Got it. Though I found his pretentious aura to be absolutely nauseating…he was hot. Girls got needs! We were on his sofa making out, when Karl disappeared into the bathroom. Karl excused himself to go to the bathroom.

He came out, with an condom on his erect penis, and all I could do was laugh. I grabbed my purse and made sure my lipstick wasn't smeared across my face. Suddenly Karl exited the bathroom. When I told him I didn't want sex, he bitterly asked me to leave. I awkwardly thanked him for dinner. I exited his apartment and noticed he had already unmatched me on Bumble. That, my friends, is one of my absolute worst date stories. You're welcome. Posted by TheSingleSociety. Nikki is currently living in NYC with her husband who she met on Bumble after experiencing the absurdity of online dating and working in digital marketing.

She clearly enjoys recording the ridiculous debauchery that is the modern dating scene. Drop her a line if you have a good story for her to write about. Comments - Click to show - Click to hide. Follow The Laughs.

My dating nightmares

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