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From murderers, to drug dealers peddling misery, and the perpetrators of decades of sickening sexual abuse, Cornwall's courts saw it all last year. We've been through the archives to bring you details of all the cases we covered in , and the criminals who were put behind bars. The majority of sentences were handed down at Truro Crown Court, but some received shorter sentences at both Truro and Bodmin magistrates' courts.

It's worth noting that, although at Cornwall Live we do everything we can to cover all the court cases that take place in the county, for various reasons it's not always possible. A judge said that the video interview given by a preteen girl who was sexually assaulted by a year-old man was "the most compelling" he had seen in 32 years.

Thomas Kneebone, from Wadebridge , went on trial at Truro Crown Court accused of three counts of sexual activity with under 13 and two charges of causing or inciting a girl under 13 to engage in sexual activity. At the end of the two day trial he was convicted by a jury of all five offences, which happened last year. Prosecuting barrister Philip Lee told the jury of nine men and three women that the victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was convinced by Kneebone to remove her clothes and let him massage her before he touched her private parts.

He is also said to have urged and then helped her to masturbate him before asking her to put his penis in her mouth, which she refused to do. A would-be armed robber held up two local businesses at gun and knife point but still managed to leave empty handed. Dean Bartle, 30, from Camborne , appeared at Truro Crown Court on Friday, January 5, via video link to be sentenced after ly pleading guilty to two charges of attempted robbery. The defendant then ran off empty handed.

Mr Wraith went on to describe how Bartle concealed his identity by pulling a hoody over his face but left behind the bag and knife, both of which were found with his DNA. CCTV showed Bartle unsuccessfully attempting to gain access to the till and steal a charity box before again fleeing, again with nothing. He also conceded that he showed genuine remorse. Two burglars who raided homes in towns and villages across west Cornwall , stealing everything from PlayStations to wedding rings, were jailed in January. Hughes pleaded guilty to five counts of burglary and one instance of handling stolen goods, whereas Taylor admitted three burglaries, one attempted burglary and going equipped for burglary.

Prosecutor Katie Churcher told the court how the pair accessed the homes during daylight hours in October , when owners were out at work. They entered via insecure windows and doors, but one at least one occasion smashed a window to access a property. Summarising the offences, Ms Churcher said that Hughes was caught handling stolen goods when he was found in possession of an Apple iMac computer.

On October 10 both defendants entered a property in St Keverne through an insecure window and took a wedding ring and an engagement ring and a Bosch speaker. In a victim impact statement the owner of the property said the incident had left her feeling uncomfortable in her own home and tainted what was meant to be a clean start.

The victim also spoke of being left shocked, upset and traumatised as a result of the crime. Ten days later the pair entered another house through a ground floor window and stole an Xbox, before later in the month gaining access to an address in Newlyn during daylight hours and taking a PlayStation 4 and a jar of money. Hughes then stole another console and 15 games belonging to a year-old after smashing through a backyard window. Then, on October 31, Taylor was stopped by police with two Staffordshire bull terriers and found with a hammer, black woollen gloves and two multiools in a backpack, resulting in the going equipped for burglary and attempted burglary charges.

Ms Churcher added that Hughes had a minimal record with no burglaries recorded against him, whereas Taylor had 15 convictions for 20 offences and although none of them were burglaries, he recently completed a three-year sentence for drug-related offences. In light of his more serious record and the fact that he was on licence from prison when the offences were committed, Taylor was jailed for 30 months. Hughes was handed a two-year sentence.

A pair of armed robbers who held up two convenience stores were handed double-figure sentences after a judge said he wanted to give a deterrent to anybody thinking of carrying out similar crimes. Balaclava-clad Matthew Carroll, 31, and Rory Jeffery, 40, both from Camborne , pointed guns at two terrified shop assistants before making off with the contents of the tills at Four Lanes Post Office and Stithians Spar shop on the afternoon of November 26 last year.

The two appeared at Truro Crown Court for sentence after ly admitting two counts of robbery and two possessing imitation firearms charges. Prosecuting barrister Philip Lee told the court how one of the men entered Four Lanes Post Office whilst the other stood guard outside.

As a result of the first robbery Ms Chadwick has suffered from nightmares, anxiety and sleepless nights and had to take weeks off work. The Stithians robbery rocked the village and shocked customers and staff alike, according to the store manager. At first Ms Chadwick thought it was some kind of prank. You placed it in a bag, pausing only to grab alcohol as you left the shop. Again, you put the money from the till in the bag and fled before a car belonging to Mr Jeffrey was found burnt-out nearby.

Judge Linford then described how drugs had blighted the lives of both men and, as is always the case, family members are the ones who suffer during a sentence of imprisonment. He said that a deterrent sentence must be passed, jailing both men for 10 years and eight months. Kieran Leverett, 33, of no fixed abode, appeared at Truro Crown Court to be sentenced via video link from Exeter Prison. Leverett, who ly admitted 17 thefts from a shop charges and one burglary, at one point had been a shining light in the catering industry, scooping prestigious awards for his efforts at the Watergate Bay eatery that provides opportunities and training for disadvantaged youngsters.

Prosecuting barrister Francesca Whebell, told the court how Leverett, who has links to Penzance and Launceston , exclusively targeted Co-Op stores stealing a variety of products. Officers attended and when scenes of crime officers began their investigation they seized blood stained glass that linked to the defendant. Ms Whebell went on to give details of a catalogue of other thefts whereby Leverett entered Co-Op stores mainly in Penzance Wherrytown and Market Jew Street stores and Launceston and left with items stuffed into his jacket.

A grandfather of 40 children who has a cannabis and alcohol addiction sped through a busy nightclub car park with his lights off in an effort to flee from the police, a court heard. Seth Lee, 54, from Redruth , appeared at Truro Crown Court to be sentenced after ly pleading guilty to a string of offences relating to two police chases in July and November of last year. Prosecutor Francesca Whebell told the court how, in the early hours of July 8, a PC Mason was on patrol between junction 20 and 21 on the M5 when he was passed by an Astra van which showed up on his computer as having no insurance or MoT.

When arrested he initially gave incorrect details but was later found to be a disqualified driver. Forty metres ahead they saw the Passat turn backwards and drive towards the police. The club was open with around 20 people by the front door when the vehicle accelerated with no lights on through the car park to the lower entrance. Officers called for assistance and eventually stopped the vehicle and removed the keys. The vehicle smelt strongly of cannabis and Mr Lee handed over a small amount of the drug in his top pocket. Lee was jailed for 16 months and banned from driving for three years and eight months.

Peter Williams, 37, from Par near St Austell , appeared at Truro Crown Court to be sentenced after ly admitting one count of burglary. Ms Cox described how the property was inhabited by a year-old who left his home after checking it was secure.

He then went into the front room and realised that the TV, DVD player and other items had been stolen. Ms Cox added that the defendant had a ificant criminal record including a total of six dwelling burglaries. A victim personal statement read to the court said how the man whose home Williams raided was left paranoid and scared it would happen again. Judge Simon Carr proceeded to give Williams a three-year sentence, also taking into a shoplifting offence and a breach of a conditional discharge. Benjamin Gough, 32, of Camborne , had been on trial at Truro Crown Court accused of burglary and the possession an imitation firearm.

Gough was unanimously convicted of both crimes and he returned to the dock this afternoon to learn his fate. The court ly heard how Gough forced his way into the bedsit of a room he suspected belonged to someone who was dealing drugs to his friends. Once inside, Gough, who was said to be in a drink-induced haze, ransacked the property, turning out drawers until he found a softball gun. He then fled the premises and approached a driver in the car park outside requesting a lift home. When the driver refused Gough brandished the gun and pointed at the driver demanding he changed his mind.

You got drunk first and anyone watching the CCTV footage can see how out of control you were. You then ransacked the room and found an imitation firearm. You could not resist taking what you found. You went up to a man you did not know and demanded a lift home.

When he refused you pointed the gun at him which must have been terrifying for him. The partner of a man who rubbed chopped chilli peppers into her eyes, refused to allow her to go to hospital for treatment after he broke her wrist and hung her out of a ninth-storey window apologised and shouted that she loved him as he was sent to prison.

Shane Waddington, 30, of Bridge Road, St Austell , subjected his partner Louise Jones to regular beatings due to his paranoia regarding the security of their relationship. Waddington appeared at Truro Crown Court to be sentenced after ly pleading guilty to counts of assault occasioning grievous bodily harm and controlling or coercive behaviour.

As Waddington was sentenced for his crimes Miss Jones sobbed uncontrollably before shouting out her love for him and running out of the court room in tears. The couple had lived together in Wadebridge , Delabole and St Austell during the time period in question. Prosecutor Gareth Evans told the court Waddington and Miss Jones had been in a relationship since June , but things began to go downhill that September.

Waddington was eventually arrested on December 12 after Miss Jones made a complaint that she had been assaulted. She curled into a ball to defend herself, knowing from attacks she had suffered at his hands that he would strike her in the head. Mr Evans then added that Miss Jones felt sharp pains to her face and was worried because he had broken her nose during a assault a short time before.

In her second statement Miss Jones said that Waddington had been violent towards her on at least 10 occasions, including rubbing the chopped chillies in her eyes and forcing her out of a ninth floor window, threatening to throw her out before eventually relenting. He also slammed her head into a wall and, in December after the couple moved to live in Delabole, while drunk and high on cocaine hit her nose, headbutted her and dragged her across the room by her wrist.

She was dragged with such force she broke her wrist, but Waddington refused to allow her to go to hospital until the bruising went down. You beat her on a of occasions and then dragged her around the room and caused a fracture. Judge Linford gave Waddington a 20 month prison sentence and wished both Waddington and Miss Jones luck should they continue to pursue a relationship together. A burglar brazenly strolled into an occupied home and stole cash before looking the home owner in the eye and running out. Long-term drug user Catherine Barnes, 37, formerly of Perranporth and Camborne , appeared at Truro Crown Court to be sentenced after admitting one charge or burglary along with two thefts.

Prosecuting barrister Gareth Evans told the court how in Newquay on July 12, , her victim was in the lounge socialising with his friends when Barnes happened to walk past. Barnes entered the ground floor room through a partially opened window and, when the man heard a noise and went to inspect the room, she stepped out and left via the front door. Police were called and enquiries were made. Fortunately CCTV covered a part of the building and showed the defendant walking past the house before turning and going back.

Two minutes later she returned and climbed in again before leaving, followed by the victim. She told police she took the money to buy drugs. Mr Evans also told the court how on June 27 of last year Barnes went into Goonhavern Stores and lied to a cashier about being due a refund despite not having a receipt. On the evening of September 26 at Tesco in Redruth , Barnes was caught on CCTV selecting a of items before proceeding to stuff some of them into a shoulder bag and paying for the others prior to leaving the store.

Judge Carr then proceeded to sentence Barnes to 30 months in prison, of which she must serve half. Regan Kemp only turned 19 last December but appeared at Truro Crown Court after ly admitting a total of 17 offences that took place between mid-July and the end of August last year. Prosecuting barrister Julia Cox described how Kemp, ly of Cunnack Close in Helston and an address in Newquay , would steal plates from cars and then attach them to similar vehicles that he stole in an effort to avoid detection. He received a call from his mother-in-law on July 20 explaining that the plates were missing.

The vehicle was later recovered at Cunnack Close with the plates belonging to Mr Smith attached. While driving the stolen BMW Kemp visited the Shell filling station in Hayle and made off without payment after filling up the car. His plates were found discarded in a verge. plates belonging to a Renault Kangoo owned by John Read were stolen in Camborne on August 26, a day after Tracey Thorpe, of Helston, noticed her Nissan Qashqai had gone and its keys were not on the table.

Following a social media campaign Kemp was identified as having driven the stolen vehicle, and fleeing without paying for fuel at Pool Morrisons while doing so. On August 29 or 30 a Jaguar XF belonging to David Hickey was stolen from his drive in Helston with keys taken from inside the property. On August 30 plates were stolen from Tina Moran while her car was parked in Lanner.

Police saw the vehicle driving towards Helston, officers saying it shot past them at speed. He continued without stopping through a residential area on the wrong side of the road and accelerated towards Falmouth , again reaching mph.

A sex offender from Cornwall was jailed for abusing children in West Malling during the s and s. Christopher Gillard abused victims as young as three years old over a period spanning more than a decade. A Kent Police investigation began in December after one of his victims came forward. Enquires led to the discovery he had targeted and assaulted a further three children. Gillard had carried out the abuse on multiple occasions in the s and s during a time he had been living in Sittingbourne, but also had connections to West Malling.

Now aged 64 and formerly of Penscombe Cross, Lezant, Launceston , Gillard was charged with eight counts of indecent assault. However at Maidstone Crown Court he pleaded guilty to five of the charges. The other three charges were ordered by the judge to remain on file. On Thursday, February 8, Gillard was sentenced to five years and three months imprisonment.

Detective Constable Becky Taft said: "Gillard manipulated and abused children for his own gratification and they will live with these memories for the rest of their lives. I would like to thank the victims for helping us ensure he has now faced justice. If you have been a victim of any sexual offence we will always treat any information with the upmost confidence and sensitivity. A serial criminal threatened to kill officers and pointed a gun at them in a two-hour standoff with armed police at his mother's house.

Jason Reynolds' mother called the police as his behaviour became increasingly erratic and he started shouting and swearing at the armed officers who arrived and soon spotted him darting between rooms and arming himself with an air rifle. Reynolds, 48, who ly lived at Bluebell Way in Launceston , was at Truro Crown Court on February 22 to be sentenced for two offences. PC Hannaford noticed the defendant disappearing back and forth from the stairs and realised that he had armed himself with an air rifle after seeing a green light and the barrel of a weapon appearing above the bannister.

Officers then withdrew to a safer position before Reynolds pointed the gun towards them and a Taser was deployed. The stand-off lasted for two hours and featured numerous threats to kill police and the use of a negotiator. Reynolds was eventually found lying on the floor upstairs complaining of a back injury.

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