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Consent to our terms. To create a Microsoft , you'll need to click Learn more for each privacy term listed to understand how Microsoft will interact with your personal data. Collect and use your personal data. Learn more. Share your personal data with additional parties to allow us to provide services to you. Use your personal data to communicate with you and provide personalized .

Your Caps Lock key is enabled. Use another . Create the anyway. Create . If you recently got this phone and don't have an with us, continue to up. in with Google? We'll take you to Google to verify that you own this address. Microsoft will not see your Google password.

Create a Microsoft without using Google. We didn't find a Microsoft associated with the on your Mojang . Let's create one now. I would like information, tips, and offers about Microsoft products and services. You already have an .

We can't complete this upgrade right now. Try again soon. Sorry about that. You can still play Minecraft as usual. You're going to need a parent for this. Because you're upgrading to a new , we need to make sure that your parent helps you set it up correctly.

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Msn com sign in page

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