Most creative cakes

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Remember being a kid and getting cool des on your birthday cakes? Bakers use all types of skills to whip up delicious cakes that look like anything you want, from a Nikon camera to a bright yellow snake. These creative cake des are downright perfect, each one truly takes the cake for the most amazing looking food I have ever seen. Some of them are so cute I just want to keep them around the kitchen until they start to go bad! Check out these 20 delicious masterpieces, which one are you most tempted to sink your teeth into?

The more detailed cakes get, the more expensive their price tag becomes. Usually people only splurge on thousand dollar cakes for their wedding day, but some millionaires and billionaires are taking expensive cakes to a whole new price point. Instead, the cause for its insanely high price tag had to do with the 4, diamonds encrusting the outsides.

This cake creator not only bakes perfect cakes, but they know the geography of the world like the back of their hand! The only way you are ever going to get me to eat a snake… and even this cake is bordering on creepy… especially with those big black eyes, that perfectly carved mouth, and the bloody red insides made of delicious berry filling. Everything about this cake is identical to the sorting hat, including that shadowy grimacing face! This cake would certainly make Harry Potter and J.

Rolling proud. I wonder if the wrappers are edible as well? You never know with this wildly talented cake creators. A fan of the wonderfully heart-warming movie, Up? Than you need this cake! I just adore the balloon detailing attached to the chimney—too perfect. The Up cake looks very large and elaborate, causing some to wonder—what is the biggest cake on record? It weighed an incredible 15, pounds! It takes real skill to make any of these incredible cakes, but anyone with an oven can make adorable teddy bear cookies clinging tight to nuts or candies.

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Most creative cakes

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20 Of The Most Creative Cakes That Are Too Cool To Eat