Mon mari est alcoolique

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One of the reasons is probably the confusion between symptoms that could be attributed to age or to the effects of alcohol. Furthermore, those related to alcohol imitate certain symptoms of other diseases and disorders, such as, for example, anxiety disorders, depressive disorders or dementia. Most screening tools are insufficiently adapted for the elderly and the estimation of alcohol abuse by the elderly varies widely depending on the methods used.

Old age also becomes a protective factor in regard to alcohol consumption, especially if the senior has health problems. Alcohol use is often a response to solitude, isolation or the loss of social support, as well as anxiety, depression or stress.

The of interventions in cases of alcohol abuse by seniors demonstrate the efficiency of a brief intervention. The cognitive approach to addictions emphasizes the importance of beliefs concerning the beverage. La eficacia de las intervenciones breves en el caso de abuso de alcohol entre los adultos de edad sobresale por sus resultados.

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Mon mari est alcoolique

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