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Judging by the old rules and metrics, the boy band has been severely debased in the last couple of years. Gone are the song-and-dance extravaganza groups of decades past. What we have now are the Wanted and One Direction, British imports whose nonchalance can feel like an undermining commentary on the traditional model. Change is good, of course, but this evolution leaves a huge gap at the classicist end of the boy-band spectrum, which is why the un-self-conscious Los Angeles foursome Mindless Behavior — with its extreme outfits, its buoyant dancing and its, um, wide range of vocal skill — is so refreshing.

The songs travel well-worn territory: learning about love, pining for love, etc. But this is an age of accelerated youth, and the way these young men want to build relationships is modern. Their universe is one of retweets and Twitpics, hotel rooms and video chats. The music, largely produced by Walter W. Nelson, neatly intertwines most of the pop gestures of the last few years — some dance-music stuttering, some paper-thin soul, some pop maximalism.

The Wanted is more blatantly European, leaning on four-on-the-floor dance music structures, and One Direction would prefer to not be coordinated in any way, as evidenced by its lack of dance moves and music that borrows widely from outside teenage pop. As a result the group is not often mentioned in the same breath as its boy-band brethren. Mindless Behavior may have a trick up its sleeve, though.

Though it has some keyboard swells and some digital enhancement, it remains straightforward throughout. It sounds a lot like a One Direction song. Watch out.

Mindless behavior web chat

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An Old-Style Boy Band, With Modern Wooing