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Unfortunately there seems to be no end in sight to the amount of people that continue to get ripped off from this site on a daily basis. This review below uncovers the truth and explains how they operate their scam. First off you need to be aware that almost every single girl on the site is fake. When we say fake, we mean that the girls are not actual members of the dating service. The fake dating profiles are create by the dating site. All the information in the profiles has been created by the staff of Milfaholic.

The photos in the profiles are not of any actual member but are used specifically to create fictitious dating profiles. These profiles lure unknowing men into purchasing monthly subscriptions so they can communicate to the women that catch their interest. The fraud is of course that these ladies are not actual members, so you can never actually meet any of the women in a real life encounter.

Essentially if you purchase a membership you are paying for absolutely nothing. Take a look at the girls on the site, do they look as if they need to be on a sex dating site? Attractive women such these would have no reason to post nude photos of themselves to get a date. We urge you to look closely at the women on the site to understand how many fake profiles are used through out the site. And the majority of the women are slim and attractive posing in nude photos.

If you go out in the real world it is the exact opposite. Common sense should tell that this site is not operating in an honest manner, but many times men think with their penis and that is what gets them into trouble. Another part of the scam is the use of phony s that are sent to free members members who do not have a paid monthly subscription. What happens is as a free member you register on the site and shortly thereafter you will start receiving messages from local women interested in conversing with you, wanting to see photos of you etc.

These are all fake and are used to trick you into trying to communicate back to the phony women who are supposedly sending you s. Once you try to reply back you get sent to the "upgrade to VIP" to buy an upgraded membership so you can communicate with the fake girls. A lso something to be aware of is the s are all automated using software. So that means you aren't corresponding with real women on the site, it's all canned automated responses that you receive.

Unfortunately this site is not the place to meet real milf women. The majority of the females are fake, phony messages and overall the site has a very bad reputation for scams and fraudulent behavior. If you do a Google search for Milfaholic it will bring up many complaints stating that the site is con. And of course they want you to pay a monthly fee for access to their VIP membership. Our recommendation is to look elsewhere to meet real women. You can use TinyEye. This can help you identify if the girl is a real local female or in many cases we have discovered that they are amateur porn stars with their photos being stolen and used on the site for the fake profiles.

If you want to find real women, then look at these legit dating sites. Unfortunately every dating service that we have reviewed from […]. Yes it's a scam. Another tool is the Text feature. I tested it and sent Text to two different women with very different profiles, at a ten minutes interval.

This is the reply I received from both, which had nothing to do to my message: Hi whats up? Don't waste your money. Yes, I agree this is a fake game. I just have a sense for fake stuff. And the first reply felt fake. They got me for a 3day membership. Don't let them get you. This site is a total scam. I figured it out pretty quick. I would receive dozens of flirts a day as asked to buy tokens to purchase gifts. I askedfor names and where they lived. All I got was plan talk with no straight answer.

Funny thing, a lot of women from very small towns in my area. I started calling bullshit on them and all of a sudden i was getting no flirts or friend requests. DON'T waste your money. There is another site exactly like this site called localmilfselfies. Save ur cheese and just go spank one out! Like the damn horny fool I am, I ed up with one adult dating website and before you know it it was 10 because every time I ed up with one, that one referred me to another one, and that one to another one, that 1 another one, so forth and so on, do not expect me to respect you the list of all the adult dating websites I ed up with because I could not save my life suffice to say that they all affiliated with milfaholics.

Other than the Better Business Bureau who would I contact to get a refund that was billed directly to my checking through my routing , my Check card transaction was declined, but straight out of my Checking worked just fine.

Not only are the women fake and the instant messages automated their customer care service is automated as well they just keep on repeating the same message over and over and over. I have had the company of 4 women on Milfaholics and each one was very real and we enjoyed each other. If you read the user agreement, section 4, it states that this site is for entertainment only. They identify which girls are fake by looking at the Status.

Spring experience on Mifaholic- and I can confirm from over 30 profiles — not one "real" woman yet. Big Scam. Here's an example Milfaholic member ex-teacher 41 years of age from Pasadena California her profile says she has no children so after work she goes home and figures out new and exciting innovative ways to engage in sex. Waste of time and money scam want u up v. Got a one month subscription. That was one month too long!

Just a bunch of one line flirts and general responses! Same here. And, they want you to keep texting them, which costs extra. Felt like an idiot, as I figured out that I had been had. They string the texts out, don't really want to meet you, and try to talk you into spending more.

When I refused, they kept texting for me to spend money. Learned a lesson the hard way. One month, but like you said, one month too much. Yep, got sucked in for a 3 day trial….. They auto-bill you after. So I cancelled, then lost my 3 day trial……like a sucker coming back for more, I clicked on renew my subscription….. Finally, they said they woud indeed return the month charge.. It's a bit of a hassle getting a new card, have to re-set up some things that get charged automaticlally every month, but lesson learned for the future, lol….

I just threatened them with the BBB and going to the media and got my initial subscription back in 4 days. Did u call to complain with to get ur money back. Yes I'm a no. TOTAL bullshit deed to solicit the purchase of "tokens" for imaginary gifts and texts. I tried a few to see what they had to offer. The scam is the same on both sites. Some giveaways:. Every response is one or 2 lines at best and generally it's a flirt to keep you e-mailing ;. I actually had one woman send me these long boring e-mails about "how happy she was" to have found someone like me!!

She actually sent me a letter with another person's name in the body of the letter!! When I pointed out her slip-up, she. Obviously, I never heard from her again after that!! You'll never meet any of these women.

RMC hit it right on the head… everything he said is true. I pointed out that one member who was supposed to be local to me in UK had in her profile that she did not like out of town men or men who said they were 'passing through Memphis'. Memphis is not in UK. I got the following response: —.

Members can make many profiles as many as they want. Those profiles can be set to different locations. Population is not the basis to know how many members there are in the site. What I can do for you is cancel the billing to stop the future charges but please be informed that cancellation will not reverse any charges made. Ya, I quidkly figured out it was a scam site because they had DOZENS of ladies posting naked pics of themselves living in very small communities around my city, lol.

Do not place any hope in the people with the BBB, they might be experts in helping the consumer organize a boycott, but as far as getting your money back for you they suck the big Kahuna. Yes, I contacted that worthless tin can, twice repeated that they had cancelled my membership and within 24 hrs. I should receive notice that my will not be billed in the future, I asked about the refund for recent transaction, dead silence. I found over fake profiles on here. And I kept turning them into the company. To their "crack staff who would check them out" All you have to do is copy the photo and go to Google Images.

Almost everyone of them is fake. And I got them to send me back all the money I spent. They didn't think I'd write to the BBB. I did and the next day, money back in my . Yeah it is fake, i did give it a go but then i basically realised this, I not sure how the site is non-commercial but check the section on the OC online cuties, but with the redirects they are. This is the first time i tried a site like this and feel like a prize plum … but i was clever enough to work it out, pity it was after i parted with money!!.. This website is for scammers, i had one girl add me as a friend on her skype acct she wanted to due some online sex, she was stripping and playing with her self, and wanted me to play with myself, and i feel for it, about 30 seconds in to it she started playning back me playing with myself she was recording me.

The D in DARPA should stand for Dipshits, another perfect example of the federal government getting involved with something that they let get away from them. All the women but one started with a U. Ok so I got suckered but I also came to the same conclusion possibly when I spotted the same woman on the same with two different names and profiles.

Oh well, just cancelled my membership. Yeah, I got suckered into buying 6 months however I realized that something was wrong when I ed about 20 women that were supposedly online and none of them responded. I decided to open up another on a different browser and I said that I was in a different state over 2, miles away.

Well guess what I discovered? Some of the same women with the exact same names and pictures were there on the site in this city too. At that point I knew I had been scammed!

Milfaholic phone number

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