Mentally abusive girlfriend

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What you should do if your girlfriend is verbally, emotionally and mentally abusive to have a drama free life. In this video coaching newsletter, I discuss an from a viewer whose girlfriend is verbally, emotionally and mentally abusive towards him. She has a stressful job and brings this stress home with her and takes it out of him.

When she is not working and has extended time off, she is sweet, playful and fun and generally has a good attitude. She is now seeing a therapist, but he is worn out from her constant abuse and asks what he can do to keep her sweet and playful. My comments are in bold italics like this below in the body of his . Remember, the strongest negotiating position is always being able to walk away, and most importantly, mean it when you walk away.

I am stuck with what to do about my current girlfriend of almost 2 years. I am 26, and she is You should have this rule, no drama allowed from anybody in your life. So, she comes from a family of cheaters. All of her ex-boyfriends are cheaters. It happened eventually. It went on for a period of time, they found out about it. The guy usually left for a bit, a few weeks or a few months, and he came back. They worked it out, they stayed together. But the bottom line, they cheated. The problem lies in her job: she absolutely hates it. And the reality is, this is how most people live.

Most average people, this is their life, this is their reality. The past year has been rough for her. Well, it sounds like she got rid of toxic people anyway, because if her peer group sucks, then she sucks. You are who you associate with. These are not good people. I can count on one hand, at fifty-one years old, the of great people in my life that have been in my life a long time. Good people are hard to find. Good friends are hard to find, good business partners are hard to find, and good romantic partners are extremely hard to find. You have to do the work on yourself to become a high quality person, so you can attract other high quality people.

No drama allowed. Everybody should have one of these mugs on their desks. And I am the only person she communicates with about her issues. Her ex-friends are partly the reason she believes people are ill-hearted and have ulterior motives.

Well, her father cheated on her mother and all of her boyfriends cheated on her. So, this tells me she absolutely sucks at reading people. And this is part of your physiology. Your issues are in your tissues. Your physiology, how you perceive yourself, your self perception determines who you hang out with, who you associate with. They literally validate the way you perceive yourself, so it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. It felt great. However, she has taken steps to improve her situation.

The rule is, my friend, no drama allowed. The added stress of studying, coupled with work, has caused her to have anxiety and blowups at my smallest slip-ups, for example: not calling her in the morning like I said I would. Dude, as a man, you have to honor your word. You have to honor your commitment.

So, if you fuck up, expect repercussions. Yeah, exactly. In my heart I feel the moral obligation to stay in the relationship, but at the same time I feel like her negativity is weighing me down and that she may never change. I want to know. That would be wonderful. Narcissists, lunatics, chicks that have got bad relationships or nonexistent relationships with their father will storm off and just be a cunt about it. And she is out of here! And it felt good. It feels good to get rid of toxic people. And now I just have mostly good people in my life, mostly great people, some good people.

But any assholes, they go right on down the fucking road. Be nice, be kind, be respectful, be easygoing, easy to get along with. Honor your fucking word. Say what you mean, mean when you say, or go on down the fucking road. I have enough stress in my life. When I come home, I want you to be my joy.

I want to be excited to see you. I want to see you jump in my arms and be kind. And if she disrespects them and she continually crosses them, then you tell her to leave — leave your house, go home, go stay with her parents, go back to her place. That just is not going to end well. Cry about it all you want, but nobody cares. And you have the choice to do it or not to do it. If you feel I have added value to your life, you can show your appreciation by doing one of the following three things:. If you want to have a drama free life, you must set and enforce healthy boundaries with people who are verbally, emotionally and mentally abusive.

Therefore, if you want a drama free life, you will have to severely limit the time you spend with toxic people or simply eliminate them from your life permanently. I several new Instagram photos per week. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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Mentally abusive girlfriend

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My Verbally, Emotionally & Mentally Abusive Girlfriend