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When McCord and Zamora first asked Rorex for the , she hesitated, having only been a few months into the hard-won clerk position. She asked the couple to come back in a few days so she could think about it. Boulder District Attorney Bill Wise gave his opinion, saying she was within her right to issue the if she wanted to, as state law at that time did not say marriage s could only be issued to a man and woman.

Rorex granted the in the final week of March, and after word got out to the gay community in Boulder, she approved several more through the beginning of April. Rorex later said she was unprepared for the level of public outrage she would face, though. She noted that during the weeks she approved the s, angry people would call her at home and indiscriminately spew hateful and obscene comments to her and her 8-year-old son who would sometimes pick up the phone.

Rorex said she coolly denied the because the horse in question was underage, a loophole that drew as much laughter as it did fury. Eventually, former Colorado Attorney General John Porfilio ordered her to stop approving the s for same-sex marriages. Public backlash was so intense that it plagued Rorex and her family throughout the remainder of her short two-year term. Before her term was up, Rorex reed from the position, knowing that her chances of being reelected at that time were low and having just become engaged.

She married and moved to California and never again held public office. The federal agencies that primarily dispensed benefits to married people refused to acknowledge the legitimacy of the marriages Rorex approved s for and, to one couple, an agency even sent a hate filled response containing a gay slur to the couple after receiving a request for citizenship and benefits. Rorex, who is now in her seventies, continues to advocate fight for gay rights. Save my name, , and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Log In. in. Forgot your password? Get help. Password recovery.

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Married women sex up El paso

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