Marble arch strip club

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Seventy years after opening its doors, the Marble Arch achieved rock 'n' roll immortality in The attraction wasn't the cheap and potent Canadian draft; at the time, Richards Street was home to one of Vancouver's most famous strip clubs. As good as business was for the pub in the '80s, the glory days didn't start there; it was doing a booming business when Vancouver's streets were still made of dirt and the first Fords were rolling off the assembly line.

Whatever clientele the Marble Arch attracted when it opened, things eventually went downhill. By the early '70s it was a rubby bar populated by the kind of down-and-outers that pop up in the works of Charles Bukowski. The introduction of strippers helped clean up the crowds, attracting the suits at lunch, and, of course, sleazy hair-metallers at night. As big a draw as the dancers once were, the disrobing stopped for good at the turn of the millennium when Mormons bought the building. The present owners have decided to keep that chapter in the room's history closed.

Approximately four years ago karaoke booths were installed at the spot, which is now known simply as the Arch. Soon after that, DJs began packing in dancers with nights like the retro-themed Affair on Saturdays and the anything-goes Blender on Thursdays. When Tommy Lee and company played the Pacific Coliseum on July 29, hopes were high they would head down to Richards Street after the concert.

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Marble arch strip club

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