Maine coon breeders arkansas

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We are very proud to welcome you into our world of Maine Coons Cats. We are located in NW Arkansas and love that we are surrounded by the beauty that Arkansas shares. We are very proud of the fact that we have imported all of our cats to reproduce a solid European Maine Coon bloodline.

Hillside Maine Coons have been imported from Russia and Spain. We have been very blessed to have built strong relationships with breeders in these countries. The true European Maine Coon has an extreme look with longer tufted ears, a long full tail, a beautiful mane, and a thick build in structure. Our family started out with just one Maine Coon in , Corona Borealis, which we soon found out was not enough. We had fallen in love with the breed and desired to create a quality bloodline that we could pass on to future families.

In the spring of , my husband and I decided to import our first European Main Coon. We found a fabulous breeder in Spain that worked with us to have a top notch tom for the start of our breeding program. Sircan Wambcat, "Felix", has been one of the best MC and has adjusted well to our family life.

We look forward to future litters and shows. We strive to produce healthy, large Maine Coons with outstanding temperaments. We have Maine Coon kittens for sale throughout the year, but most of the time have a waiting list. Our kittens are very special to us and we do not sell them as if they are a product. We take the time to make sure that our kittens and kitten parents make a good fit before they leave our home. Give us a call, we would love to visit with you. We strive to do our best in placing our kittens with their new families. Powered by GoDaddy. Bringing you quality Imported European Maine Coons.

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Maine coon breeders arkansas

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