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Ann Arbor may be the best city for singles , but only if you're into insensitive jerks, according to new rankings from online dating site Chemistry. The site recently ranked Ann Arbor as the city where you're least likely to find a sensitive man. Ann Arbor's association with the University of Michigan got it labeled as a big college sports town, which affected its ranking.

They want to please. Helen Fisher, Chemistry. She described a sensitive man as one who "wants to do the right thing. Check out the rest of the rankings on the Chemistry. Ann Arbor is the only city where I angered a woman by holding a door open for her. Promptitude and self-possession may do good service to humanity and the fair, at such a juncture. Should you observe ladies whom you know, unattended by a gentleman, alighting from or entering a carriage, especially if there is no footman, and the driver maintains his seat, at once advance, hold the door open, and offer your hand, or protect a dress from the wheel, or the like, and bowing, pass on, all needed service rendered; or, if more familiarity and your own wish sanction it, accompany them where they may chance to be entering.

When you meet a gentleman whom you know, walking with one or more ladies, with whom you are not acquainted, bow with grave respect to them also. Politeness requires that upon meeting ladies and gentlemen together, with both of whom one is acquainted, that one should lift the hat as he approaches them, and bowing first to the ladies, include the gentleman in a sweeping motion, or a succeeding bow, as the case permits Their conclusions are based on the personality profiles men fill out for a dating site????

Ha, what they've actually discovered is which cities have the biggest liars. LOL Sure, we all know what women want to hear. Now THIS is spot on!!! The sports label is true because if you've ever been here on gameday, the level of obnoxiousness increases ificantly I have another, preferred term but I know if I post it, my comment will be gone.

Most women do not want men who value loyalty, duty, respectibility, and proper moral conduct. They love men with flaws they think they can change. Susie, please do not pity me. I just threw the statement out to see what the responses would be. I guess I'm not most women, then, genetracy, nor are my friends. Men with flaws may be what men think we want, but we actually are hoping for men who are loyal and honorable from the get-go.

We know we don't have an ice cube's chance in hades to change those men who think their flaws are charming. I am truly sorry your experience with women has been contrary. Real men can be found in Alaska. Real women in North Dakota.

Or so say the surveys. I think this applies pretty much across the board, gay or straight And the smart, sensitive men will return. Lol, because they're not the ones currently on the bikes or walking in this town either, so we can only hope ;-. The disproportionate of frat boys and lawyers probably had something to do with this. This is so funny to read, and the photograph is worth a million words in itself!

Yeah right, stop crying and be quiet, you always get so emotional annarbor. I'll show you sensitive I'm with you Outside. My fragile and sensitive ego has been violated by these rash generalizations. I'm getting a mail order bride from Mexico.

I'll knock some sensitivity in to the louts head in 3 visits or your money back. This is hilarious and spot on in spite of itself, from the site's pseudoscience to the all-too-apt accompanying photo. Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of MLive Media Group.

Posted on Mon, Feb 27, : p. Angela J. Cesere AnnArbor. Comments Woman in Ypsilanti Tue, Feb 28, : p. Dcam Tue, Feb 28, : 4 p. Am I a MAN? Are we not men? We are DEVO. Only Ms Piggy will know for sure. Spanky Tue, Feb 28, : p. If he's too sensitive, he may not be a man. A A Resident Tue, Feb 28, : a. A2newbie Tue, Feb 28, : a. Terry Star21 Tue, Feb 28, : a. Most be a lot of single people in comment moderator department A2Susie Tue, Feb 28, : a. Cool, I must be really loved The Picker Mon, Feb 27, : p. Nothing worse than wimpy women! I take that back, wimpy men!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Halter Mon, Feb 27, : p.

SMC Mon, Feb 27, : p. BHanson Mon, Feb 27, : p. Explains why we are at the bottom for sensitive men. A2James Mon, Feb 27, : p. Josh Thiele Mon, Feb 27, : p. A2M3 Mon, Feb 27, : p. We will make John of Saline Mon, Feb 27, : p. There, there. It'll be OK. Frankyhollywood68 Mon, Feb 27, : p.

What's the return policy? Are there shipping costs associated with that? Outside :-o looking in Mon, Feb 27, : p. Ouch, that hurts. I may sulk for a few days. Craig Lounsbury Mon, Feb 27, : p.

Looking women in Ypsilanti North Dakota

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