Looking for that undeniable connection

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In the beginning stages of a new relationship, determining how connected you are to each other can be tricky. Instead of focusing on whether a connection is real with your partner , consider the depth and the width of the connection you have. Think about the main areas where partners can connect: physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and socially.

In how many areas do you share a connection with your partner? How strong is the connection in each area? Where is connection lacking? A healthy emotional connection means that you have the ability and willingness to SHARE your feelings with each other — especially the more vulnerable ones such as sadness, fear, shame, or loneliness. A strong, solid emotional connection takes time and effort. A strong emotional connection must also be reciprocal. How do you relate to each other socially? How do you relate to the world as individuals and as a couple?

Sharing mutual interests in activities, hobbies, and lifestyle can help in building a healthy social connection. Social connection can also be determined by how you relate to each other. If one of you is more introverted and the other is more extroverted, it can be a good complement and balance for the relationship — or it can create a disconnection.

Evaluate how you relate to each other and to the outside world. Do you think alike? Finding an intellectual match can help connect you with both conversation and interests. Physical chemistry is really important. If connection is lacking in other areas, you may worry about whether this is all there is with your partner. Its great to connect on a physical level, but if this is all there is, the connection may not feel authentic or secure for you.

Have you met a kindred spirit? Depending on your spiritual beliefs or faith, this could be an important piece of connection in a relationship. If you feel a deeper level of connection with this partner that seems to have had some divine intervention, you may be with each other for a reason.

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Looking for that undeniable connection

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