Looking for girl who enjoy bj

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Go to first unread. Skip to :. This discussion is closed. Aspyre Badges: 0. Report Thread starter 10 years ago 1. I was surprised to read on a few tsr posts that there are quite a few girls who enjoy giving bj's, i'd always assumed this was something girls reluctantly do infrequently. Is it true you like giving bj's? Or do you not mind the taste too much? How long until you start getting jaw ache? Not what you're looking for?

AnonymusSister Badges: 8. Report 10 years ago 2. Original post by Aspyre I was surprised to read on a few tsr posts that there are quite a few girls who enjoy giving bj's, i'd always assumed this was something girls reluctantly do infrequently. Report 10 years ago 3. He's never had any issues with smelling, etc. I honestly don't find that it tastes particularly different from any other part of the body except when he ejaculates of course.

I mean it's like licking your hand or any other skin-covered part of your body. It doesn't really taste like anything IMO. But I find giving my boyfriend BJs quite enjoyable; I love turning him on, making him feel good, etc. I like experimenting with my technique and trying new things. That being said, I would not enjoy giving a BJ to just anybody, even if I didn't have a boyfriend. And it's definitely different for every girl. Report 10 years ago 4.

Hmm, I enjoy giving oral to my boyfriend because I know he loves it and I kind of like being in control of his enjoyment like that. But yeah, mainly just that I want him to feel good. A lot of girls dislike it because they've had bad experiences or they just think it's icky God knows why, if he's clean and all and that's fair enough, but I think most girls are generally quite indifferent to it. I give my boyfriend oral because he enjoys it and I want him to be happy, but I would never ask for it back.

Yeah, he tends to return the favour just as much, but even if he didn't, I'd be cool with it. Tbh, at first, I was the only one giving him oral and I never minded and then he decided to try it out too and actually loves giving it to me quite a lot, so I guess being selfless can pay off. I don't really get the big deal about it though, tbh.

It's just a way to show care for your partner. Having said that, I would never do it for a randomer, but then again, I wouldn't have a ONS ever anyway. Erm, and yeah, you need to be clean or no way in hell is anyone going to go near there. Oh, and obviously never be too forceful during it or she'll definitely never want to do it.

Nepene Badges: Report 10 years ago 5. SugarPuffs Badges: 5. Report 10 years ago 6. Yes they probably enjoy giving them and watching their partner's eyes roll because of the pleasure. You'd have to be very clean down there first though, otherwise no girl would even think about giving you a bj. Anonymous 2. Report 10 years ago 7. I've never given one but have always loved the idea of giving one - but only with a condom on. And I hear most guys would rather have no blowjob at all than have one with a condom on, so that's probably a no-go!

Anonymous 3. Report 10 years ago 8. Original post by Anonymous I've never given one but have always loved the idea of giving one - but only with a condom on. Anonymous 4. Report 10 years ago 9. I like it, but if the guy is forceful about it then it's so off-putting. Some guys thinks it's cool to force your head down or suddenly thrust upwards, which is really inconsiderate and probably the reason why so many girls don't like doing it! It's generally fun to think that you're making someone else feel good though. Back to top. Related discussions. Related articles. The secret of body language: how to tell if someone fancies you First-time sex: a beginner's guide How to cope with a break up Nine tips for making your long-distance relationship work.

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Looking for girl who enjoy bj

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