Looking for a gal to Yonkers New York ticks

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: naturesrain optonline. Nature's Rain Horticultural Services. Lyme Disease. CALL Lyme disease is the one spreading vector borne epidemic in the U. Tick borne co-infections are also rapidly rising, such as bartonella, ehrlichia, babesia, mycoplasma, chlamydia, and candidatus mikurensis are just some of the more common co-infections seen with the Borrellia bacteria of Lyme. This new threat from the Lone Star tick is now active in our area of the country. The saliva of this tick carries a sugar called d-alpha galactose, which re-wires your immune system to become allergic to this simple sugar, also found in the meat of beef, lamb, goats, pigs, basically any mammal.

There is currently no cure. Symptoms include rash, hives, itching, breathing difficulties, even cardiac symptoms. Don't be a victim, have your property sprayed today for ticks! The carriers of Lyme Disease and its associated co-infections are no longer restricted to those properties that have deer. We believe that it is of utmost importance that every property have some facet of protection from this epidemic that is sweeping the nation and causing untold misery for millions. Nature's Rain takes this threat very seriously, and in a perfect world would love to see every property on a totally organic agenda, but we have heard far too many horror stories for us stand on a political platform of "no chemicals whatsoever" while this threat to your family exists.

For those clients with special needs children or highly chemical sensitive adults, we can certainly maintain a chemical-free program, but we do recommend that most properties be treated; either as part of a standard lawn or shrub spray program or as an adjunct to that program. We employ the use of both natural botanicals like cedar oil, garlic oil, and neem, and also the use of pyrethroids, which is a synthetic man made chemical that is molecularly similar to the natural pyrethrum daisy. These products are approved and regulated by the E. A for use in residential settings and have been used safely for decades.

Unlike the chemicals of the 70s, 80s, and 90s, pyrethroids are water soluble and break down very quickly in the environment, lasting only 20 days in perfect conditions. There is also no evidence of them bio-accumulating in either the soil or the human body.

As a matter of fact, most veterinarians will dip your dog or cat in a bath of this product to kill fleas and ticks, it is that safe! To give you a sense of reference, your childs' school nurse or pediatrician will likely use a product with the chemical Lindane on your childs scalp if they were found to have lice, this chemical is more than 10, times more toxic than pyrethroids when calculating toxicity by the LD50 values ased to all chemicals. Another safety factor we employ is that we always spray ONLY a dilution and never a concentrate on your property. Simply keep children and pets indoors while products are being sprayed, and for 24 hours thereafter in an abundance of caution.

Pets may use the grounds for a few minutes to relieve themselves or be walked. Birdbaths and fish ponds can either be covered or avoided easily enough. Windows to your house and car should be shut. Since a sprayed property will have ticks looking for escape, it is best to stay off the lawn and grounds for at a few hours to avoid becoming a vehicle for escape for these vermin while they die off.

The key to effective tick and mosquito control is thoroughness and an experienced applicator. There are NO bargains to be had, hiring one of the many new pop-up companies may be cheaper, but given the risk of infection, it is money well spent to pay for thoroughness and experience.

While doing this work may not be brain surgery, think about who you would want doing your brain surgery, an experienced surgeon with gray hair and a track record, or a newbie fresh out of residency? Let our state certified technicians keep your property healthy without harming the environment.

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Looking for a gal to Yonkers New York ticks

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