London ts mistress

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I often get asked do I only fuck and dominate in a hard and aggressive way? The simply answer's no lol I also love sensually dominant times too. What is Sensual Domination? Sensual Domination is Dominance which focuses on delighting the senses Think of hard style Domination as more about controlling a sub through Force; Physical presence; and Pain Whereas Sensual Domination is more along the lines of Dominance and control of a sub through the use of Seduction; Sensuality; and Pleasure.

Sensual Dominance is all about pleasure without the pain, and does not involve violence, aggression, or humiliation. However with sensual dominant techniques I still aim to bring my sub playmate into a prolonged period of subspace, through soft pleasurable play. So, while I do love the harder side of things, I also love the softer side of things too :. I will do a second part to this blog to explain a littl more about the art of sensual dominance xxx. in with Gmail. in with Facebook. in with . in with Twitter. in with mobile . in with BirchPlace. Dominant Top only Mistress I love to do all the Fucking in the Bedroom!

ed March November It feels amazing and turns me on immensely! Licking them up and down as I sit back, relax, and enjoy the moment. I get seriously turned on and immensely excited when a slave tickles, rubs, and caresses my nylon encased feet, and legs. Do you have a foot fetish? I guarantee we will both be in for a great time. Or maybe you fancy the idea of being bribed into sex by your sexy boss in order to keep your job? In fact the naughtier the better, because I am a seriously kinky girl!

Your Mistresses gorgeous sculpted body needs attentions, what are you waiting for slave? Live a life of Servitude as my Sissy Chastity Slave! Let me lock away your manhood, and force him into captivity, then watch as your frustration builds! More to the point do you think you deserve it? I guess we'll have to see about that won't we? From now on your focus is on me, and if you want relief from your current predicament, then you best get on your knees and do exactly as I tell you! I will literally turn you into a sex toy as I use your skin as a conductor to transmit electrical sensations.

Lie across my lap so I can spank and wank you into submission, can you feel as my excitement starts to grow and protrude into your belly whilst you stroke my nylon clad legs and feet? Have you got a fantasy in mind that you'd like to indulge in, with me?

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London ts mistress

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