Lings acupuncture gardena

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Gardena, Estados Unidos. Fechado agora. Locais relacionados. Como chegar. Baixar imagem QR Baixar vCard. Ativar mapa. Exibir Trajeto. Somente Com Hora Marcada. Aceita Seguro. Hoje — Fechado agora. Explore locais semelhantes:. Gardena Acupuncture Clinic. Pacific Health Clinic. Seed Cure Acupuncture Clinic. Mr Hawaii. Oishi Robert Y DC. Oishi Chiropractic Rehabilitation Center. Gardena One Stop Employment. Minuteman Press. Outside Labs. Ahow j. I work in a profession where I use my arms a lot.

I had muscle and t pain to the point where I could not lift my arms. I had only one session and I am not exaggerating, the pain and discomfort went away after couple of days. I got Accupuncture along with suction cups to increase circulation to the muscles where I had tension. He really has an intuitive gift, expertise, and knowledge to pinpoint the areas where treatment is needed. He truly is an amazing Accupuncturist!!! Geeorgee C. The clinic is very clean and quiet. Lola B. I am amazed. Besides amazed I am relaxed and I feel beyond good. I walked out with a smile.

I swear Henry is a magician. I feel like I can dance and run and twirl. No pain at all. I am more than impressed. I am beyond happy with my services here at Lings Accupuncture. Overall informative, knowledgeable and superb attitude. If you have any kind of pain, look no further… A Natural way to cure all your pain. This is beyond amazement for me. Thank you so much for making me feel better. Thank you thank you thank you. I love this place. Henry fixes me right up. I feel and know this works way better than the Chiropractor treatments.

So coming back again. Eric S. I have been going to Henry for 1 — 2 years now. He is the best and a very honest guy. I have chronic back pain and throw my back out quite often. My wife recommended I try going to an acupuncturist so I decided to try it out. What else have I got to lose. All the treatments I was using at the time seem like the doctors just wanted to get me in their office.

I spoke with him over the phone and he was very accommodating to see me immediately. His clinic is very clean. He is personable and knows alot about chronic pain, especially back pain. I went ahead with the first treatment and I got instant relief.

I usually go a minimum of 5 visits before I get relief like this with other doctors. I went to him for another 2 — 3 treatments and I was done, for the year!!! I throw my back out quite often because of spine issues. I am so glad I found him and will recommend him to everyone I know. Please see him if you have back pain. Give him a chance and I can assure you he will help you if he can. Vign V. Really like Dr. His treatment helped a lot with my back pain. Soobin K. After just one session, Henry had me standing upright again and the second treatment got me practically good as new. So good in fact that I played beach volleyball for 3 hrs after the treatment.

Very highly recommend Dr. Lady F. My first attempt for getting better quickly was to try a Chiropractor. I did not show any s of improvement and honestly, I felt a little robbed. The clinic is very clean and welcoming. I went into the clinic limping to one side, and came out walking normal and upright. It was awesome! After treatment, I actually felt an immediate improvement and I was amazed at how effective it is. Henry Ling was very friendly and informative.

Tony C. Henry Ling is a master healer. This past April I had a serious bicycle accident. I went to another acupuncturist for relief of pain and swelling. That guy left an infrared heat lamp on me for too long and left me with a severe second degree burn. I was referred to Henry.

On my first visit I was impressed with the cleanliness, and light, airy, but hygienic professional appearance of his clinic. Henry is professional and personable. He discussed my situation and assured me that he could help. He has made such a difference; the burn is healing, the swelling from the accident has nearly subsided.

Subsequent treatments for neck, shoulder, and lower back pain have been very effective. His fee is reasonable. I have recommended him to others who have also used his service and found excellent relief from whatever pain they were experiencing. Jay P. My first review on Unilocal but I just had to do it! I was suffering from a major backache for weeks. Went to 2 other acupunctures and a chiropractor in Southbay area but they could not fix it.

After 3 treatments with Dr. This place is great! Ling is conscientious and highly skilled! I had pain on my lower back when I visited the office. The pain got so much mcuh better after he gave me acupuncture usually the pain last longer! He knows a lot and explains well. I will definitely goes back to this office when my lower back pain comes back!

Lings acupuncture gardena

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