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Lebanon is located in Western Asia on the east coast of the Mediterranean and borders Syria and Israel. The geographical position of Lebanon had a great impact on the unique historical destiny of this country. It is one of the few places on earth where the history of humankind has begun. Ancient and cosmopolitan Lebanon is the quintessence of the Middle East.

Before the outbreak of military conflicts in the middle of the last century, Lebanon was a prosperous country and was often called "Middle Eastern Switzerland". An interesting fact is that about 4 million Lebanese live in the country, while more than 12 million live outside of it. According to scientists, the alphabet and soap were invented in one of the oldest cities, Byblos, which has more than years of history. A legend tells that Noah built the Ark of the famous Lebanese cedars. Among other things, on the territory of contemporary Lebanon people have learned how to make purple paint for fabrics and produce glass.

Lebanese silks have been driving Middle Eastern fashionistas crazy for hundreds of years. Contemporary Lebanese women are no less stylish, and they know how to dress for any occasion to look like well-demanded models. Compared to women from other countries, Lebanese girls are renowned for their attractive facial features, seductive bodies, and beautiful voices. Choose for Asian Dating. Best of Japanese Women.

Hot Asian Girls. Lebanese women have very special features. Their genes are a mixture of many peoples who have lived on this territory since ancient times. Lebanon has fairly high standards of female beauty. A Lebanese girl is always expected to look great and behave with dignity in public. Even just to go to the local market for groceries, they dress great, make hairstyles, and use bright makeup. In this country, people say that a Lebanese woman cannot have water and food, but she cannot do without makeup, manicure, and hairstyle.

These self-aware ladies know how to take care of themselves. Lebanon women are determined, strong-willed, and temperamental. Besides, Lebanese women feature a particular culture of interacting with other people. They are able to captivate men with a single glance. However, this country has a patriarchal system that is deeply rooted at all levels of society. The position of women in modern Lebanon is quite contradictory. On the one hand, Lebanon women cannot pass on citizenship to their children, do not have the same decision-making powers as men, and remain subjects to religious norms.

On the other hand, it is believed that Lebanese women enjoy much more freedom than females living in the rest of the Arab world. Therefore, Lebanon ladies take responsibility in many situations and seek to restore the importance of the role of women in society. In Lebanon, family plays an important role, and all Lebanese girls are dreaming of getting married and having children. When they meet a decent man for marriage, they willingly become loyal wives and caring mothers. In ancient times, Lebanon women were considered the most beautiful females in the Middle East.

Indeed, Lebanese women and girls are honestly blessed with natural beauty. They are famous for their regular facial traits, slender bodies, and beautiful voices. Many Lebanese women look truly irresistible. Their appearance is attractive, exotic, and bright. At present, Lebanese beauties regularly take leading positions in prestigious international ants. They are simply stunning with dark hair, big beautiful lips, and bronze skin tone thanks to the Mediterranean sun. Dark lipstick perfectly matches their skin color. Lebanese beauties usually emphasize the expressiveness of their eyes, be they of brown, grey, or green colors.

Thanks to genetics, Lebanese beauties have developed gluteal muscles, big breasts, and hour-glass sexy figures. The obesity rate among women living in Lebanon is one of the lowest in Mediterranean countries. In Lebanon, the cult of female beauty is similar to Brazil but even stronger. Therefore, many Lebanese girls at the age of 17 resort to plastic surgery, mostly to correct shapes of noses and ears.

The matter is that Lebanese girls usually have a bit enlarged noses and ears. Today, Lebanon is called the Mecca of plastic surgery. Thus, parents of Lebanese girls try to solve the problem before their adulthood, so that when the time comes to fall in love and go on dates, their daughters would have no problems choosing boyfriends without being forced to agree to the proposals of the first men they meet.

It should be noted that Lebanese girls and women are known far beyond the borders of their country not only because of their appearance. Of course, bright beauty had a ificant role in their popularity, but they became famous precisely because of their talents in various fields.

Many Lebanese women are included in the latest Forbes rankings of the most influential females in the Middle East. Lebanese women are multifaceted and many-sided persons. Many of them have several hobbies. Also, they like to travel abroad and discover new places in different countries. In this way, finding the commonly-interested topics with Lebanese girls is easy. In their turn, Lebanese women like to discuss many points and find out a different opinion. In Lebanon, the official language is Arabic, while English and French are also used in everyday life and taught at schools. Grace and natural elegance define the habits and attitudes of Lebanese women.

They are usually very calm and tranquil in almost every situation. They prefer to live a relaxed life like they do not have any worry in the world. However, Lebanese women are quite resourceful concerning family wellbeing and business activity.

Lebanon offers many opportunities for people who want to prosper. Thus, the country develops fast, partly thanks to the active life position of its female residents. Lebanese women are very smart and intelligent. They are well educated and most of them attend educational institutions both in-country and abroad, as well as obtain prestigious academic degrees.

These women know how to earn money and like to invest in themselves. They are not afraid to spend money on education and take action into developing their business careers to increase the quality of their lives.

In general, single Lebanese women are very outgoing and friendly. They love to get acquainted with new people, especially foreigners. However, when it comes to everyday life and situations, Lebanese women are not as outgoing as local men. Due to religious rules, Muslim brides have a traditional mindset. They can look too shy and reserved compared to girls from Western countries. When you have a chance of meeting a beautiful Lebanese girl, be honest with her in a funny way.

Lebanese women will not pretend and they do not like imposters as well. Do not expect to engage one of them in a long conversation at the very beginning of your acquaintance. Most probably, she will wait for some romantic gestures and small gifts from you to be confident in your serious intentions. Step by step, she will talk more with you, have fun, and laugh together. In almost every developed country, you can find a large Lebanese diaspora.

About a million Lebanese currently live in the US. Therefore, you are well able to meet Lebanese girls in your country of residence without planning a dating trip to Lebanon. However, a good option would be to travel to this country, which is rich in ancient historical sights, and have the pleasure of meeting nice local women. In addition to the rich history and variety of historical attractions, Lebanon also has a lot of opportunities for a great pastime.

Lebanon can open to every foreigner the whole world of the magical East, including in the familiar European format. This country has many beautiful beaches with developed infrastructure, six ski resorts, and all conditions for ecotourism. It is wonderful how such a small country can offer such a variety of cultural and natural attractions. The national food of Lebanon is a typical Mediterranean cuisine. Lebanese dishes are incredibly tasty and healthy, as many vegetables, beans, and fruits are used here, and fish and meat are often grilled or baked with garlic, olive oil, and mint.

If you want to meet beautiful Lebanese women, there is no better place than its capital, Beirut. This is the biggest city in Lebanon with about two million people. Star Square in Beirut is the heart of the old city. Many attractions are concentrated around this square, and the neighboring streets are full of many secrets and a long history. With the onset of darkness, the square becomes the center of nightlife. Locals love to visit many cafes and bars in European and Oriental styles.

Byblos is a charming and laid-back town located on the shore about 40 kilometers north of Beirut. In this city, which is also known as Jbeil or Jibayl, it is worth walking along the ancient streets, exploring the ruins of a Phoenician temple, a citadel of the Crusaders, and a Greek theater.

The oldest graffiti in the world can be seen nearby. Here, you can find the best Lebanese resorts, offering tourists a wide variety of luxury hotels, cafes, and open-air fish restaurants. Imposing temples of Jupiter, Venus, and Bacchus, as well as other Roman structures, are well preserved in the Bekaa Valley and its heart, the city of Baalbek, which embodies the history of the entire ancient world. Baalbek is considered so ancient that legends attribute its construction to Cain, the son of Adam. According to another legend, Baalbek was built by Nimrod, one of the biblical kings, and giants helped him in this matter.

Complexes of temples in Baalbek were built and rebuilt many times for almost years.

Lebanese women hot

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