Ladies i got the cash

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It's not just an all-time rap classic, but — thanks to this track, 'cream' has become an enduring slang term for money. Just try to overlook the fact it was later sampled by Iggy Azalea. Floyd would spend a lot of its career side-eyeing wealth while getting very, very rich , but never this iconically.

But the song that unfolds over the next seven minutes is often surprisingly dark. Biggie Smalls spent his career marveling at the wealth wrought by his hustle — the man had a Super Nintendo and a Sega Genesis — but in this mega-hit from his last album, the rapper was a bit more reflective about the spoils of his success. Gawd bless you, Wayne! But the joke, the Pets have said, is that neither of these dodgy characters will ever get rich.

Nick Levine. This awesome floor-filler song about money could only have been written during the credit-obsessed yuppie era. Our favourite super-melodic Swedes have sung about everything from a dancing queen to a relationship that recalled the end of the Napoleonic Wars. But this smash song about money, one of their best-known tunes, is a slice of dollar-s-in-the-eyes fantasy. As ever, her lyrics turn repetition into a low-key artform. Jiggaman is back to co- this bling-bling anthem, an extended, diamond-studded ode to irresponsible spending and hip-hop excess.

Perhaps the dwfeebiest hit from the oft-forgotten Canadian goof-rockers, this sing-songy joke track is perhaps the most sweetly earnest song about sudden wealth ever written, as BNL rattles off what they'd buy if they finally hit seven figures. Among the hot-ticket items? A treehouse, the remains of the Elephant Man and a ton of Kraft macaroni and cheese. O Canada indeed. Support Time Out directly today and help us champion the people and places which make the city tick. About us. . Time Out magazine. Discover the best of the city, first.

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Ladies i got the cash

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